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Swearing in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Swearing and the use of taboo words and expressions are common in speaking. Taboo and swear words can intensify things but also shock or offend. Speaking commonly includes swearing and the use of offensive words and phrases. In both public and private contexts, as well as in movies, on television, and on the radio, we regularly hear and use it.

The use of taboo terms indicates close personal contact with people, either already existing or wanted. When we want to communicate our strong emotions, make a threat, or be disagreeable with someone else, we also use taboo terms and swear words.

Thus, today, we’re going to learn how to say swearing in sign language. Although the term varies throughout sign languages, we’ll focus on British Sign Language (BSL) today.

So let’s begin.

Swearing in Sign Language

Watch the full video by clicking the link below.

Look at this version of the phrase “Swearing”. Consider the following sign and its implied meaning:

“A commitment to tell the truth (especially in a court of law); to lie under oath is to become subject to prosecution for perjury”

So let’s show you how you would sign this version of the phrase.

Swearing in british sign language

  1. Start with a normal posture.

Swearing in sign language uk

  1. First, raise the index finger of your right hand.
  2. Now open all the fingers of your right hand and place them on your left hand.

Man seated in his room with his right hand placed vertically on his left palm

  1. Say the word as you’re signing it.


That’s swearing in sign language. Visibility is essential, especially in BSL, where many words need to sign with both hands. If your audience can’t see you clearly, they’ll be confused or think you’re saying something unpleasant. If the flow of conversation allows, keep a smile on your face at all times. You may establish a connection with your audience by smiling.

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