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Thirsty in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Do you have a dry throat and mouth? Do you need to ask a drink from someone? You will surely need to learn how to say Thirsty in sign language if the person you are speaking to expresses themselves using signs.

It’s a common vocabulary that you’re bound to encounter early on in your sign language adventure, regardless of the language you’re studying. However, thirsty in British Sign Language is not the same as Thirsty in ASL or American Sign Language and so on.

For our purposes today, we’ll only be dealing with BSL where we’ll show you the British Sign Language for ‘Thirsty’ step by step, with plenty of pictures and videos.

So, let us get started.

Thirsty in Sign Language

Before proceeding to the main subject, you must be aware of a certain fact about BSL. It’s a two-handed language, meaning you’ll be using both your hands to communicate.

So, you need to understand the terms “dominant hand” and “non-dominant hand” when learning BSL. If you are right-handed, that’s your dominant hand. Thus, your left hand is your non-dominant hand and vice-versa.

The non-dominant hand is also known as the base hand.

Now, let us now proceed to see the demonstration on how to sign Thirsty in BSL. First, please watch the video we have linked below:

Watch how to sign ‘thirsty’ in British Sign Language

Please follow the steps we’ll discuss shortly.

BSL instructor seated with a normal posture in a blue background room

1. Start with a normal posture.

BSL instructor seated with his hand near his neck

2. Raise your dominant hand to your throat.

3. Separate your other fingers from your thumb.

BSL instructor teaching hand gesture to sign thirsty

4. Then, as seen in the image, softly brush your throat twice with your fingertips.

5. People sometimes cease talking while signing. Don’t do it. While doing the sign, say the word ‘thirsty’ aloud.

6. It’s important to maintain your body language and facial expressions while signing in such a way that shows that you are thirsty and want water immediately. It helps with getting the message across.


So that’s how we say ‘Thirsty’ in sign language. Follow a consistent practice routine so that it becomes stuck in your memory forever. Otherwise, it tends to get erased from our memory quite easily.

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