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Animal Care

How to Become a Dog Walker – A Definitive Guide

Dogs are man’s best friend. Our furry friends love walking. Being a dog walker entails looking after them for a period of time, bringing them for a walk, and receiving compensation in exchange. As a result, the required procedures here are somewhat standardised, and you do need a clear understanding of them. So let’s start […]

How Much Does it Cost to Train a Guide Dog

Training a guide dog is a major investment. These dogs are highly trained working animals, but they don’t come cheap. There is so much time, money and dedicated staff involved in this whole process. So, how much does it cost to train a guide dog? During its lifetime, a guide dog will cost you around […]

How to Train Your Dog to Ignore Other Dogs?

One of the most common complaints dog owners face is that their dogs pull on leash to get to other dogs. But why do they do it? There can be a number of reasons – it can be either the desire for social interaction or it might be the desire to make the other dog […]

One to One Dog Training – Everything You Need to Know

As a dog owner, you might have faced unwanted situations where your dog has started barking in a park seeing other dogs or went on chasing a child. All these are your dog’s behavioural problems, which needs obedience training. As per The Guardian, “Hospital admissions for injuries caused by dogs have risen by 76% in […]