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Food Hygiene & Safety

Food Safety Management System: The Complete Guide

As you’ve decided to give this blog a shot, I’m assuming you care about what people eat as far as health is concerned. So, from that standpoint, you’ll want to make sure your food company has a food safety management system in place. But if you’re not sure how to implement this food safety management […]

How to Become a Chef in the UK and Worldwide

If you are a foodie with a passion for cooking, you might consider being a chef. To be a chef can be an exciting career for someone who has the endeavour and dedication in the food venture. Further, as a chef,  you would be dealing with recipes, flavours, textures, and cooking techniques. It would help […]

What Does Due Diligence Mean in Food Hygiene?

The food safety regulations ensure that all food business owners are aware of the best food hygiene practices and are doing their part to meet these regulations to the best of their abilities. Complying with these regulations also assures the consumers that the food of a particular business is safe for consumption. A food business […]

How can Poor Food Hygiene Adversely Affect a Food Business

Did you know, poor food hygiene may lead to serious health conditions like gastroenteritis, Hepatitis A and food poisoning? Alarming, right? Poor food hygiene not only affects the health of consumers but also diminishes the reputation of food establishments. The food businesses responsible for conducting poor food hygiene practices can face legal action. The FSA […]

How Long Does a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate Last

The short answer is- indefinitely. A Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate doesn’t expire. But the standard practice in the industry is to renew your certificate every three years. No, it’s not just a random number that the food industry has come up with. It’s rather a careful, calculated outcome of observation of the people that […]

7 Baking Tools and Equipment – A Complete List

Baking is something we all love. Whether yummy cheesecakes, crispy croissants, cheesy pizzas or delicious birthday cakes, you can only bake all these mouth-watering dishes if you have appropriate baking tools and equipment. Yes! An oven is a must, but with the help of professional baking instruments, you can enhance your baking experience. There are […]

Can You Reheat Rice? The Science of Reheating Rice

“Can you reheat rice?”, “Can you reheat cooked rice?” The answer to both of these questions is: yes, you certainly can. There’s a common misconception that we should never reheat rice. However, this is not the case. Rice can be reheated, but you have to take special care to ensure that it is safe to […]