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Education and Training

11 Proofreading Tips That Can Help You Improve Your Book

When you have finally completed your manuscript, it can feel like you have aced the world. A burden feels like it has been lifted off your shoulders, and half of your worries will seem to disappear. But you have merely completed one milestone of a long journey. The next big step is to proofread your […]

How to Take Suitable Photo for Student ID Card

Having a suitable photo for student ID card is crucial, as it represents your identity throughout your academic journey. To ensure a professional and presentable image, it is important to follow certain guidelines and tips when taking the photo. By doing so, you can meet the requirements set by your institution and have a photo […]

What Is QTLS and How To Get One

As you intend to progress your career as a teacher, you need to achieve certain teaching qualifications and undertake training courses. If you are thinking of increasing your flexibility to teach at all levels or aspire to teach in a further education setting, you need to achieve QTLS. This blog elaborately describes what is QTLS […]

What Qualifications Do I Need to be a Teacher?

Becoming a teacher is one of the most prestigious and dignified jobs. Those who aspire to be a part of this noble profession, they should earn the required qualifications to be able to teach. There are certain requirements and qualities of teachers you should be aware of. If you are searching on the internet, typing […]

How to Become a Nursery Teacher?

Are you passionate about working with children? Do you enjoy spending time with them? Are you creative and interested in cutting and sticking? If your answer is ‘yes,’ becoming a nursery teacher is the right profession for you. A nursery teacher prepares the students for the next stages of their life by playing multiple roles […]