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Friend in Sign Language – Video and Image Include

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Is your friend deaf or hard of hearing? But you don’t know how to say “friend” in sign language. However, you’re determined not to let the language be a barrier to expressing your sentiments.

Firstly, take a salute from us. We appreciate your efforts.

Now, don’t worry. We’re here to teach you everything in a simple, straightforward way. All you need to do is learn some easy gestures.

Remember that we’ll only deal with British Sign Language (BSL) here.

Let’s start.

“Friend” in Sign Language

Take a look at the video down below.

The lovely lady is showing us how to replicate the gestures for the word “friend” in sign language, specifically BSL. Now we’ll describe the whole process. Just follow along.

A woman standing with a normal posture

1. Start with a normal posture.

2. Now put the palm of one hand over the back of another like the image above.

3. When done right, it’ll look like you’ve got your fingers hooked.

A woman using british sign language for signing friend

4. Keep the same hand posture and move them below, parallel to your body.

5. So, you’ll start by keeping your hand in front of your chest and moving down towards your belly.

6. Repeat step five twice, and you’ll sign the word ‘friend’.

7. Keep a lovely smile on your face while signing.

So, that’s the whole process. Watch the video again, and you should understand the whole process. It’s an easy sign. It will only take a few minutes for you to learn the entire thing.


So, that’s how you say “friend” in sign language. The word is relatively easy if you compare it to some other words. One more word of advice: make sure the one you’re communicating with sees you clearly so that they don’t become confused or interpret your sign as offensive.

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