Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?
A cookie is essentially a small piece of data containing a limited piece of pertinent information - such as a username and password, for example. The aim of cookies is to help make it easier for you to browse between different web pages, remember site preferences and log-in details, and generally help encourage a better experience when visiting a website. They are also used for the purposes of personalising advertising you're shown, based on your browsing history, in the hope of serving you ads more closely tailored to your interests. Cookies are also used for tracking website visitor metrics, such as the number of visitors to a website, the time spent on the website, and the pages they interacted with. Cookies contain no personal data, and cannot be used to personally identify you.

How we use Cookies
When you set up your account on the Lead Academy website, we use cookies to help manage the sign-up process and to more smoothly facilitate certain administrative necessities. These cookies are deleted immediately when you log out of the Lead Academy website, though in certain circumstances they may remain to save your website preferences when you return. This, for example, is used to ensure you don't have to manually enter your log-in details every time you come back to the site. The Lead Academy website also has certain payment facilities, which employ Cookies to remember the details of your order between page clicks. This allows you to keep something in your basket and continue browsing the site until you're ready to check out. Additionally, Lead Academy also serves questionnaires and surveys in order to improve our understanding of the way our visitors use the website and to provide them with helpful tools. These surveys sometimes rely on cookies to remember which visitors have already completed a survey. Cookies can also be deployed when data is sent through certain web forms, including contact pages, so they can remember user details for the purposes of allowing ongoing correspondence. Lastly, to ensure the Lead Academy website provides the best possible visitor experience we allow users the chance to establish their own site preferences. Through using cookies they can be remembered each time they visit, helping to provide a more personalised and engaging browsing experience.

Third Party Cookies
Occasionally we may employ cookies used by third parties. Here you will find details of the third-party cookies used by Lead Academy. We employ a range of cookies produced by Google Analytics. We use these to provide a clearer picture of the ways our visitors and customers use our website, which enables us to make changes that improve the overall experience. Google Analytics cookies track a range of data, including the time you have spent on each page, the pages you have visited, and the overall time spent on the website. We may occasionally implement new features or changes to site services. Cookies are used during these tests to maintain user experience. Third-party cookies are also used for analytical purposes regarding the number of visitors who make purchases of our products and services. At times we may provide customised content based on information collected directly or indirectly. Here using third party cookies allows us to tailor more interesting and relevant content to you.

Disabling Cookies
When using our site you can change your browser settings at any time to prevent the collection of cookies - check your browser's "Help" section for more details. Please note, however, that disabling cookies may impair certain functionalities of the Lead Academy website, disrupting your browsing experience. To get the optimal browsing experience, we recommend that you do not disable cookies.

Getting Further Guidance
If you have any questions or feedback regarding anything you have read in the Lead Academy Privacy and Cookie Policy, please contact us by email at and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

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