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You in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Do you want to know how to say ‘You’ in Sign Language? It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most common words we use every day. Hence, when someone teaches sign language, they’ll teach it to you at the very beginning of your lessons. So we’re assuming you’re here because you need to learn the word.

Nothing to worry about. Here, we’ll show you the complete visual and video-based presentation of the word.

So, let’s move on without further ado.

You in Sign Language

There are a few facts that you need to be known before proceeding to the actual demonstration. Take a look at them:

  • BSL is a two-handed language, unlike some other visual languages such as American Sign Language or ASL.
  • You will come across the words “dominant hand” and “non-dominant hand” when studying BSL. This is your dominant hand if you are right-handed. Your left hand is your non-dominant hand. It is also known as the base hand.

With that said, let’s get back to our main discussion: how to say You in BSL?

First, please check out the video presented below:

Watch how to sign ‘you’ in British Sign Language

Next, please follow the steps we’ll discuss shortly.

Tutor seating in a normal posture

1. Start with a normal posture.

Male tutor pointing the index finger to sign you

2. Make a fist with your dominant hand and point your index finger towards the person you’re communicating with. Don’t keep a flat hand with your palm facing down while pointing. It’s better to keep a fist.

3. Point toward the person you’re signing with your index finger.

4. Obviously, say the word out loud while signing.


So, this brings our demonstration of saying You in Sign Language to a close. We use this word frequently to refer to the person or individuals to whom we are speaking to. In comparison to other signs of other words, this one is considerably easy to memorise. Simply follow the steps we detailed in our blog.

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