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Counselling & Psychology

How to Stop Being Depressed? A Comprehensive Guide

It’s normal to feel gloomy some days, but if these feelings continue for several weeks or months, you can be depressed. So, today, we’re going to tackle a question that is bothering a significant chunk of people- “How to stop being depressed?” Further, you cannot stop it by making a few simple lifestyle adjustments. The […]

What is Guidance and Counselling? Importance of Guidance and Counselling

The term “Guidance and counselling” have emerged as an essential element of our personal, social, academic and professional life. Various organisations now provide guidance and counselling as a part of their mission to help in individuals’ broader development beyond their personal interests. Thus guidance and counselling have become an important resource in educational institutions, nursing, […]

What is not a major field in psychology?

It’s a simple question. What is not a major field in psychology? A quick search on Google gives me a few queries. Let’s take two sample questions from there. We have four options. 1. Cognition 2. Sociocultural 3. Behaviourism 4. Actionism Answer: Actionism Let’s take another popular MCQ floating on the internet. Same question, different […]

How to Become a Counselling Psychologist

How to become a counselling psychologist? To become a counselling psychologist, you must first complete an approved doctoral programme (practitioner doctoral degree) in psychology. For this, you should, however, first seek a comparable bachelor’s degree, followed by a master’s degree. Counselling Psychologists are rigorously approached for their expertise in managing complex mental health and relationship […]

How to Become a Psychology Teacher?

If you ask someone how to become a psychology teacher, their answer would be quite different than what it would be a decade earlier. In the U.K., as psychology rose in popularity at A-level, so did the demand for psychology teachers. As a direct consequence, the regulations that dictate and evaluate the qualifications of psychology […]

How to Motivate a Depressed Person?

Have you met any of your friends or family members recently and found sudden changes in their behaviour? Did they seem sad or drowned in thoughts? Feeling down from time to time is a part of life, but if their emotions, such as hopelessness or distress have grasped them, they might be suffering from depression. […]

What are the difference between directive, non directive and eclectic counselling

What are the Difference Between Directive, Non-Directive and Eclectic Counselling The three major counselling processes used in therapy are directive, non-directive and eclectic counselling. Every method is distinctive. The main differentiator is the degree of participation by the patient here. Although directive and non-directive counselling are the most widely used methods, eclectic counselling is also […]

Limits of Proficiency in Counselling – Limitations of Counsellors

A Counsellor is a trained mental health professional who addresses clients’ emotional and relationship issues and offers different types of assistance through talk therapy. However, in some cases, a counsellor’s existing skills and knowledge may fall short while providing therapy to clients. That is when the term “Limits of proficiency in counselling” comes in. Find […]

How Long Does It Take to Become a Counsellor

Are you compassionate, considerate and unbiased in nature? Do you value human emotions and is concerned about the wellbeing of people? If you inherit any of these characteristics, counselling might be the right career choice for you. We all face challenges at some point in our lives. There is trauma, anxiety, stress and a lot […]