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Functional Skills

Can You Go to University with Functional Skills?

Can you go to university with Functional Skills? Yes, you certainly can. If you wish to go to university, you have a lot of options. Obtaining Functional Skills qualifications has become an increasingly popular alternative these days. The bulk of university courses contains materials that require basic– Maths skills, English grammar, and ICT understanding –to […]

Does Functional Skills Count as a GCSE?

It’s possible that you’ve wondered, “Does Functional Skills count as a GCSE?” anytime you’re looking for an easier road or a chance to learn how to utilise English, Maths, and ICT in everyday circumstances. It happens in most cases where we struggle with GCSE courses for a number of reasons. Yes, English, Maths, and ICT, […]

Functional Skills Pass Rates – Comprehensive Analysis Update

Functional skills pass rates provide us with an overview of the current condition of the students related to the Functional Skills subjects. Functional Skills tests are graded as a ‘pass’ or a ‘fail.’ These qualifications have no proxies or portfolio elements. They are categorised into 5 distinctive Levels where all Entry Level examinations are conducted […]

What Is Functional Skills Level 2 Equivalent To?

Functional Skills can be an excellent option for those who have left school without the GCSEs or find GCSEs difficult. If you still desire to hone your skills in Maths, English or ICT, it’s not too late to qualify. Functional Skills are a recognised alternative to GCSEs, with a Level 2 equivalent to a GCSE […]

Functional Skills English Level 2 Writing Sample Answers

If you find GCSE English difficult and are looking for an alternative, you can go for Functional Skills English. The Functional Skills English Level 2 is the same as a GCSE English pass grade (GCSE English 9 to 4 or A* to C in the old GCSE grading system). It covers essential English skills, including […]

How to Pass Functional Skills Exam | Math, English & ICT

Functional Skills are the essential core skills of a person that enables them to solve real-life problems in their personal and professional lives. For instance, there are 3 dominant Functional Skills are there and these are basic Maths, ICT or English skills. This blog provides a comprehensive idea about Functional Skills and how to pass […]

What is Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Equivalent To? Qualification

If you are struggling with GCSE Maths or could not obtain the desired grade in GCSE, you can go for Functional Skills Maths. The Functional Skills Maths Level 2 will prepare you to ace in maths by providing practical examples. Unlike GCSE, Functional Skills courses enable you to apply your expertise in real-life contexts. Having […]