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Sorry in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Today, we’re going to learn how to say ‘sorry’ in sign language. Did you forget your little ones’ birthday? Or did you forget to clean the room as your mom told you to?

Mistakes happen. They are a part of our lives. But if your loved one is deaf or hard of hearing, how do you express your apology? Well, that’s where our tutorial comes in.

But before we begin, a little reminder: many sign languages exist. But we’ll cover BSL here.

Sorry in Sign Language

View the complete video in the section below.

If you feel like it goes by too soon, don’t worry. Below, we’ll go over each stage in further detail.

Now follow these steps. Be mindful that BSL is a two-handed sign language. Consequently, you will communicate by using both of your hands.

However, there are some signs where we only use our dominant hand for a gesture while using our non-dominant hand to perform aiding gestures to complete the sign as a whole. Therefore, avoid changing your dominant hand mid-sign. The individual you’re signing to will become confused by this.

Sorry in British Sign Language

Sign Language Sorry

1. Start with a normal posture.

Sorry Sign

2. Curl your left hand into a fist.

3. Lift it up to your chest.

Sorry in BSL

4. With your fist, make a circular motion on your chest. If you’re still confused, watch the video once more. It’s a simple motion. However, it’s hard to describe this step with an image.


So, that’s how we say sorry in sign language. Make sure the person you’re speaking with can see you clearly. Anyone may easily misinterpret the message if the signer’s gestures aren’t very pronounced. Stick to a regular practice routine if you wish to memorise the sign; otherwise, you run the danger of forgetting it over time.

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