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Help in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Today, we’re going to learn how to say ‘help’ in sign language. Even if it’s not a word you’d come across early in your sign language journey, you should keep it in your vocabulary for emergencies. If you have someone who communicates in signs, learning this word becomes all the more important in that case.

A brief caveat, however, is in order before we get started. There are numerous sign languages, including Baby Sign Language, American Sign Language (ASL), British Sign Language (BSL), etc. We’ll go through just BSL today.

Help in Sign Language

Watch the entire video that we embedded below.

Don’t worry if it goes too quickly for you. We’ll go over each stage in more detail below.

Now follow these steps. Before we start, understand that BSL is a two-handed sign language. Which means you’ll be using both your hands to communicate.

But there are signs where we use our dominant hand to make one gesture while our non-dominant hand completes the whole sign with assisting gestures. So, don’t switch your dominant hand in the middle of a sign. This will confuse the person you’re communicating with.

BSL interpreter sitting

1. Start with a normal posture.

BSL interpreter with thumbs-up gesture

2. Lift your right hand up to your chest, curling all your fingers, and only use your thumb to make a “thumbs-up” gesture.

3. Rest your right hand on the open palm of your left hand.

4. Say the word as you sign it.

You can switch hands if you’re left-handed. But keep it consistent.


So, that’s how we sign ‘help’ in British sign language. Ensure that the person with whom you are speaking can see you clearly. It would be simple for anyone to misread the message if the signer’s movements weren’t really clearly evident. If you want to learn the sign by heart, stick to a regular practice schedule; otherwise, you run the risk of forgetting it over time.

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