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How to be Smart – 20 Tips to be Smarter


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Most people secretly underestimate their own brilliant minds. They want to know how to be smart like “those guys,” and they are jealous of the geniuses around them.

There is now a great deal of confusion on how to be very smart and whether being smart is even something you can learn. Some believe that your IQ is set at birth and that there is little you can do to improve it. (They’re wrong).

Building deep knowledge about the topics you care about is the quickest, easiest way to be smart. Your memory, thinking, and decision-making about a matter increase as you gain knowledge of it.

Many websites offer interesting tips on how to be extremely smart but none of them actually provides a simple approach that is easy to remember and follow. In this article, we will give you a simple guideline for how to be smart.

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What is Smartness?

You will probably get many different answers to this question, but here is mine.
Smartness is:

  • When you can feel joy and happiness in any situation of your life, no matter how difficult it may be.
  • When you can behave maturely and intelligently in any situation, whether it’s good or bad, whatever the situation at the time.
  • When you can keep your emotions and thoughts apart.
  • When you never, ever compromise your values.

Think outside the box concept

Why You Should be Smart?

“Work harder! Work FASTER!!!”

Do you remember that commercial?
It featured an older couple who demanded that their employees accomplish more work in less time. Sadly, in many countries, this has mostly developed into the accepted standard. People are expected to do more in less time with fewer resources and, on top of that, to create a successful outcome! You could think that is impulsive, and you would be 100% correct. To be more productive, you must work more smartly instead of harder. Working more smartly increases creativity, productivity, and energy savings for the really important things, like your family.
Here are five reasons you need to work smarter but not harder:

1. Working hard is stressful.

Stressed employee with his hands on his head

Hard work is physically and mentally exhausting. It affects the energy you need to keep up the relationships with your family and friends and other important areas of your life. Find ways to outsource or save time while reaching the same goal instead of pushing yourself to tiredness. You’ll be happier and less stressed, which will increase your total productivity.

2. Working smartly saves energy.

Saving energy is part of working smart. The fact that some tasks, like working all night to finish a project, call for a particular level of physical strength or stamina does not mean that you should never put in a lot of effort. Instead of making long, continuous pushes, try to work in small intervals when you can. You’ll have more energy and produce a better complete outcome if you work in 15- to 20-minute increments, pausing every five minutes to decide where the project will go next.

3. You become more valuable when you work smarter.

Every area of human effort aims to do more with less effort. Saving money can also mean saving effort. Working more efficiently increases your value to your company, whether you’re a sole owner or employed by a huge international corporation. As a result, you become more motivated, assured, and ready to take whatever action is required whenever necessary.

4. To work smarter, creativity is needed.

Creativity is not encouraged in many professions. They want to see results, especially ones that were achieved by “tried and true” rote methods. As a result, the “Evil Day Job” can be quite difficult, especially for those who enjoy an environment that is more creative. However, you’re more likely to enjoy your job and want to keep doing it if you can use creativity to achieve the same goal. Every action has a right and a wrong way to go about it, but there are very few situations in which there is just one certain right way to go. Think about how you can use creativity to increase your performance!

An illustration on creativity concept

5. Working more smartly boosts self-esteem.

By now, this should be obvious, but it still has to be said. You will feel better and feel like you’ve accomplished more if you work more smartly than you work harder, produce a better result or end result with less effort, and use all of your faculties to solve the issues of a given activity.
Your friends, family, and coworkers will want to be around you more often so they can learn from you, which will make you a happier and more productive person with more time and energy. This inspires even more creative ideas. You’ve produced a positive cycle as compared to a negative one!

How to be Smart – 20 Ways to be Smarter

So now, let’s dive into our tips on how to be smart in everything! Here we go.

1. Focus on becoming intellectually smart.

Smartness has two aspects. Physical and intellectual. However, without intellectual smartness, it is impossible to have physical smartness. It’s like the human intellect to feel depressed or bored. To overcome our natural condition of being, we need the intellectual energy of hope and joy. So, how to be intellectually smart? Try doing things outside your comfort zone, visit a new place and learn about its history, and read every day if you want to become intellectually smart. A quality novel or non-fiction work can also be considered.

2. Develop your body language.

Being smart simply won’t cut it in today’s competitive world. You need to be capable of convincing people to agree with you. To do that, it’s essential to sound smarter.

These simple techniques can help you understand how to be smart in talking:

  • Keep your head high.

Many common expressions reflect the idea that the position of your head is equally as essential as the position of your back. For example, to “hold your head up” is to show pride and courage. Being “downcast” means that you’ve already been beaten down. Speaking clearly is difficult if your neck is tight, which is likely if your head is pointing downward.

  • Focus on your listeners.

People won’t pay attention if you are confused or have wandering eyes. Without focus, speech is just speechifying. Therefore, it is essential to focus on your listeners.

  • Make your voice loud while you speak.

Speak loudly enough for those who are slightly distant from you but not so loudly that those who are in front find it uncomfortable.

If you’re not sure of your volume, see if someone in the back can make out what you’re saying. Say, “How about this?” in a little lower voice if they say “yes.” If they respond “no,” raise your voice.

  • Question everything.

question mark and a robot

Never make assumptions or blindly follow popular thoughts. Keep your thoughts and eyes open at all times. Not stupidity, but the idea of knowledge is the biggest enemy of knowledge, and questioning and interest are the keys to overcoming it.

4. Find out what motivates you.

Choose a topic that interests you and get started. When you are interested in a subject, it is simpler to keep reading. Find a format, whether it be a podcast or a newspaper, that stimulates your mind as well. Remember to feed your mind well with enjoyable things.

5. Think of new ways to do old things.

You can be creative and innovative in your daily activities as well. When you enjoy yourself instead of working through the same old routine, when you take chances, fail, and have fun. You’ll be reminded daily that imagination and creativity can change the world.

6. Hang out with people who are smarter than you.

Smart people have interesting topics to discuss. Spending time with them benefits you on several levels as they know different ways to improve your thinking and feed your brain. Find them socially, through service organisations, and at work.

7. Take some time to think.

Everyone needs time to think as thinking is essential for doing work. Our brains require time to generate fresh concepts and enhance existing skills. So, take some time and think; perception is a crucial step in the learning process.

8. Exercise your body.

people working out during the gym session

Don’t ignore your body when you’re taking care of your thoughts. Develop the discipline to carry out your food, exercise, and sleep needs. Here are 10 exercises that will make you smarter in a week!

9. Make an effort to boost your output.

Being productive is not the same as being busy. Your actions shape the future you want. Smart people make use of the present.

10. Come up with new ideas daily.

Keep a notebook with you so that you can record ideas as they happen. Encourage new thought and creativity in yourself. Review and revise your ideas on a weekly basis.

11. Do something that scares you.

By facing your fears, you become braver, smarter, and more capable of dealing with whatever life throws at you. Doing the things that scare you the most can often lead to the greatest rewards in life.

12. Instead of watching TV, learn online.

smart in talking

Rather than spending your break time on social media or watching TV, do something more useful. There are many fantastic learning resources on the internet. If you can feed your brain and improve in both your job and personal life at the same time, it’s a small habit but a big gain.

13. Keep an eye on what you are taking in.

Every action you take has an impact on your thinking, either positively or negatively. It’s essential to reduce both internal and external negativity because, once you do, you can start changing your attitudes and beliefs, which in turn direct your behaviour.

14. Share your knowledge.

It’s essential to learn new things, but sharing your knowledge makes it more useful and valuable.

15. Apply your new knowledge.

If knowing something doesn’t increase your smartness or motivate you to do better, it doesn’t have any use. The most intelligent people use what they learn to become great individuals instead of successful ones.

16. Be selective.

The average person has more friends than smart individuals do, at least in part because smarter people are more selective. Who you hang out with says a lot about who you are.

17. Exercise your brains.

Not everyone is born with knowledge, but it can be developed.

The brain, which is the seat of intelligence, may be exercised just like muscles. Being smart begins with doing this. Learn! Learn!! Learn!!!

A cartoon banner on how to train your brain

One way to train the brain is to:

  • Solving puzzles, such as Sudoku and Rubik’s Cube.
  • Participating in mental exercises like Scrabble and chess.
  • Mental calculation and resolving mathematical issues.
  • Creating works of art like paintings and drawings.
  • Writing poetry. It significantly increases one’s potential for wordplay.

18. Develop other people’s skills.

The overall idea of smartness is not the only aspect of intelligence. It also involves our ability to relate to others and improve their skills. Albert Einstein defines genius as taking the complex and making it simple. This is possible by:

  • Taking the time to make our explanations simple and clear
  • Having good manners
  • Paying attention to other people’s perspectives, etc.

19. Recognise that you’re not an expert in everything.

Aristotle, a famous Greek philosopher, once said: “The more you know, the more you realise you don’t know.”

Understanding that you are not an expert is a necessary step toward becoming smarter. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether it’s with money-related issues or anything else—not everyone can be an expert at everything!

20. Reduce your stress ASAP

Reduce all the unnecessary tension in your life if you’re serious about increasing your IQ and becoming smarter!

Many families experience stress as a result of financial insecurity. Many people may also feel locked in a profession or career that they dislike or are unhappily involved in. Everything from relationships to finances to jobs to everything else can lead to unnecessary stress, which must be removed if you want to learn how to be smart.

Here are some suggestions for quick stress relief:

  • Establish a budget.
  • Have important discussions about life’s difficulties.
  • Put your life in order.
  • Look for alternatives to cut costs, such as housebreaking or renting a place in the city.

An illustration of goal setting


How to be smart with money?

To be smart with the money you should keep track of your spending to improve your finances, develop a reasonable monthly budget, and increase your savings.

How to be smart in math?

To be smart in math, you should learn smarter, study smarter, practice smarter and think smarter.

How to be smart in science?

Don’t be shocked if you have trouble understanding science; the subject is filled with poor communicators. Find a variety of sources for any tough course material.

How to be smart?

You need to develop excellent habits if you want to be smart, which include reading every day, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, meditating, drinking green tea, and eating healthy foods.

How to be smart with a credit card?

To be smart with a credit card, you should pay off the balance each month, only use it for needs rather than wants, and never miss a payment.

How to be street smart?

To be street smart, you should be aware of your surroundings, walk with confidence, not be easily intimidated, and be knowledgeable about how to reduce your risk.

How to be a smart consumer of social science research?

You should not rely too much on any one study if you want to be a smart consumer of social science research. Look for systematic reviews whenever possible because they can offer more reliable evidence and sometimes explain why results differ.

What is a smart goal example?

A smart goal would be something like, “I want to improve my typing speed from 50 words per minute to 65 words per minute. I can do this by making small improvements each week.”

What foods make you smarter?

You can get smarter by eating foods like green leafy vegetables, fatty fish, berries, tea, and coffee, as well as walnuts.

How can I make my brain super intelligent?

Sudoku, brainteasers, and other games that require problem-solving are fantastic ways to develop your brain.


In short, being smart, intelligent, knowledgeable, or experienced gives you a better chance to compete with others, which results in bigger benefits (or resources). Therefore, in a world where everything is competitive, being smart provides you with a better chance to get what you desire.

After reading this article, we hope you are convinced that becoming smarter can begin at any age.

Amongst the above-featured activities on how to be smart, which would be the first one that you’ll try? Do let us know!

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