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Jobs that Pay Well without a Degree UK


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Are you someone who is in dire need of a job but does not have any university degree? If you are, you shouldn’t be disappointed thinking that you won’t have a career. Truth to be spoken, while a formal degree can aid in getting highly paid jobs, you don’t necessarily need a degree to get one.

Whether you have financial issues or not interested in getting a degree, there are several highest paying occupations that will help you to build a career. We have come up with the best jobs that pay well without a degree UK. Let’s jump into the details.

Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree UK:

You will be amazed to know that one in eight young people without degree-level qualifications are working in graduate jobs, according to an analysis by the Office for National Statistics. There are actually some of the most well paid jobs that demand your skills and experience more than a degree. These jobs often offer on-the-job training if you are new in the field or lack the necessary experience.

Two managers interviewing young man for job position in office

Here is a list of good-paying jobs without a degree UK-

1. Real Estate Agents:

Real estate agents help clients to buy, sell or rent out a property. If you have a detail-oriented approach and good interpersonal skills, you can consider becoming a real estate agent.

You do not need a degree to become a Real estate agent however; there are certain qualifications like Estate Agent and Property Management Training Diploma which would help you get jobs for real estate agents.

Average Salary: £32,034 per year

2. Sales Representative:

Sales representatives remain responsible to boost sales and create a good relationship with clients. Their priority is understanding customers’ needs and providing solutions to their concerns.

To build rapport with customers you should have great communication skills and customer service skills. Sales representatives have the opportunity to earn extra as most of the companies provide sales commission bonus according to employee’s sales performance.

Average Salary: £27,921 per year

3. Sales Manager:

The role of a sales manager is to lead and guide a team of sales individuals within an organisation. As a sales manager you will set sales targets and ensure the team is running effectively to meet the sales target.

You do not need a degree to become a sales manager however; previous experience as a sales representative might be needed before taking on the role.

Average Salary: £39,980 per year

4. Marketing Executive:

As a Marketing Executive you will work on marketing campaigns to promote products, services and ideas. You need to have creativity and stay updated to work closely with change in markets.
Though a degree is not necessary, you can complete some online courses like Marketing Basics Course or Digital Advertising and Marketing Course to have a good grasp over the strategies of marketing.

Average Salary: £28,134 per year

5. Personal Trainer:

Young woman exercising with personal trainer in gym

To be a personal trainer is one of the best options among the self employed careers. You can either run your own fitness business or be a personal trainer at a gym or health club.

There are several routes to become a personal trainer. You can either enrol in Personal Trainer Certification Course QLS Level 3 and become a personal trainer or complete Personal Trainer Course QLS Level 2 to be a gym instructor.

Average Salary: £24K – £48K per year

6. Life Coach:

A Life Coach is a trained professional who provides help and guidance to clients to help reach personal or professional goals.
You do not necessarily need a qualification to be a life coach however; to improve your career prospects you may get certified in a Life Coaching course online.

Average Salary: £27,660 per year

7. Nutrition Advisor:

A Nutrition Advisor guides individuals and small groups to make better choices with their food intake. Their aim is to help clients achieve good health and prevent diseases.

To become a Nutrition Advisor, you need to complete a Level 3 Health & Nutrition Course, which is the perfect alternative to a degree in Food and Nutrition.

Average Salary: £28,487 per year

8. Personal Assistant:

Personal assistants are someone who assists an executive to manage their schedules. Roles of a personal assistant include answering phone calls, scheduling and managing any meeting, taking notes during meetings, helping with administrative tasks and many more.

You need to have excellent organisational and communication skills along with multi-tasking and time management skills to ace in this field.

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Average Salary: £27,454 per year

9. Firefighter:

Firefighters are required to respond in times of emergencies. They use the best tools to fight fires and also educate the community about fire safety and prevention.

A firefighter with water hose extinguishing fire on street

Both private and public sectors, like airports and rescue organisations hire firefighters and these roles do not require degrees or higher qualifications. GCSE level education is enough for people who are interested in becoming one.

Average Salary: £29,818 per year

10. Plumber:

Working as a plumber, you will be maintaining, installing and repairing plumbing systems, pipes, and fixtures. You would also be responsible for setting up heating systems, bathroom fixtures and fixing water leaks.

Just like the other most high paying jobs mentioned above, plumbing also does not require any formal degree. But, you can improve your knowledge and skill of plumbing by doing a Professional Plumbing Training Course. Doing such a course will not only level up your skill but also give you the confidence to do your work immaculately.

Average Salary: £31,787 per year

11. Electrician:

Electricians design, install, maintain and fix electrical wiring systems. You need to learn how to operate electricals to become an electrician. This can be done through online courses such as Professional Electrician Courses or by learning while doing the job.

Average Salary: £33,469 per year

12. Police Officer:

Police officers help maintain law and order and work towards improving the quality of life for all citizens. To be a police officer, you need to work well under pressure and be able to deal with difficult situations when needed.

Average Salary: £32,816 per year

13. Train Driver:

To be a train driver you do not need a degree but you should have concentration skills and attention to detail. The industry is very popular and the train driver pay is also appealing. According to The Sun, “The starting salary is around £30,000 and once you earn more experience, you can see yourself earning over £65,000.”

Average Salary: £41,996 per year

14. Pest Control Technician:

Pest control technicians play a significant role in keeping homes and businesses protected against pests. They inspect residential and commercial properties to identify points of entry, advise clients on how to keep pest infestations away, and set traps to capture rodents and troublesome animals.
Average salary: £23,037 per year

15. Makeup Artist:

Being a makeup artist is all about knowing the right techniques of how to apply makeup on clients. You would need passion, patience and good communication skills to be a makeup artist. Being certified on the Professional Makeup Artist Training Course would make you trustworthy among the clients.

Average Salary: £23,753 per year

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Makeup Artist applying makeup on a client

14. Nail Technician:

A nail technician provides nail related services like nail extensions, nail shaping, manicures, cuticle care, nail art, and applying nail polish, gels, or acrylics. As a nail technician, you can work in a spa, saloon or start your independent business.
You should have strong interpersonal skills and proper knowledge of how to maintain hygiene in the work area. Completing a Nail Technician Course would equip you with the knowledge required to be a nail technician.

Average Salary: £24,380 per year

17. Hair Stylist:

A hairstylist cuts, suggests and styles their clients’ hair. They also colour hair and offer scalp treatments to their clients. Employers might hire hair stylists with no qualifications and offer on-the-job training. Hairstylists also style hair for actors and actresses by working with production houses.
Although a degree is not necessary, you might require hairdressing NVQ level 2 at least.

Average Salary: £24,743 per year

18. Personal Shopper:

As a shopper you would be responsible for taking orders and buying goods like grocery or other items for customers. Having a driver licence would be beneficial for this role as you have to reach the items at customers’ doorsteps.

Average Salary: £26,228 per year

19. Photographer:

Photography is now a demanding profession due to the rapid growth of websites and social media. As a photographer you can take pictures for different commercial events, weddings, blog pages, websites, fashion and more.

Young photographer using camera in photo studio

Photographers can either be employed for a business or they can start their own. Besides your passion and creativity, you should know the techniques of photography and editing. If you are a beginner, you can do the DSLR Photography Course for Beginners. On the other hand, a Professional Photography Course will broaden your career opportunity.
Average Salary: £25,636 per year

20. Social Media Influencer:

This is comparatively a new profession but gradually turning into a popular one as people are now addicted to social media. The social media influencers earn by utilising their online presence and interacting with the followers. Their job includes producing and sharing engaging content on numerous social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

This is one of the best work from home careers that pay well if you know how to reach followers. As an influencer you will give product reviews, create lifestyle blogs, and give fashion advice to the audience. Growing your business and followers as a social media influencer is not an easy task. You can do a Social Media Influencer Training Course Online to understand the business.

Average Salary: £28K – £43K per year


How to find a job in the UK?

There are a number of UK based websites that are helpful for finding work. Once you enter your desired position and location, the websites will automatically show the job posts that match your preferences. Some of these job sites are-

Besides, you can go to recruitment agencies in person to look for jobs that are not advertised online.

How to make a CV for jobs in the UK?

A CV is the first step to apply for your desired position and to promote your skills and abilities. So, your CV should be able to catch the employers’ attention. There are certain UK CV formats that you should follow while preparing yours. You can check the National Careers Service website for guidance.

What is the highest paying job in the UK?

As Forbes claims, “The highest paid workers in the UK are chief executives and senior officials, who were recorded as earning an annual salary of £84,131, on average in April 2023, according to ONS data.” However, if you are interested in knowing about the best paying jobs without a degree, those are already mentioned in the blog.


There are plenty of high paying jobs in the UK that you can get without a degree. These jobs are open to people from all backgrounds. Hopefully, you will benefit from the list of jobs that we have provided in the blog.


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