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House in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Today, we will learn how to say house in sign language.

It’s a common misconception among many people that sign language is universal. You really can not suddenly travel to China or Russia and start conversing with people there if you can only speak English. The same is true of the various forms of sign language that are currently in use, each of which has a unique culture and history. Each country has its own unique sign language that is different from other sign languages and the spoken language of the area.

With that said, today, we will only discuss BSL or British Sign Language.

So let’s get started.

House in Sign Language

Click on the video link below. Don’t worry about the speed of the video. We’ll explain it in detail to you.

Now follow the steps below

BSL interpreter in a normal posture

1. Start with a normal posture.

BSL interpreter signing House in British sign language

2. Raise both of your hands.

3. Put your two hands together and form a triangle, as shown in the picture above.

4. Say the word “house” while you are signing.

So, that’s the first version of the word. Now let’s see the second version.

A man sitting

1. Start with a normal posture again.

BSL tutor with hand gesture

2. Raise both of your hands.

3. Take your middle and index fingers from both hands.

4. Now connect both your hands with each other.

BSL tutor signing House in British sign language UK

5. Now turn the arms like in the picture above and make a circular shape.

6. Say the word while you are signing.


So that’s how we say “today” in sign language. Make sure you are regularly practising if you want to learn sign language quickly. Always be sure the person you are interacting with can see you clearly when using sign language.

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