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Good in Sign Language — Video & Image Included

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We’ll look at how to say ‘Good’ in sign language today. If you’re acquainted with visual languages like sign language, you’ll recognise how hand motions are used to visualise distinct terminology.

The word ‘Good’ can be used alone or in conjunction with other words such as “good morning,” “good evening,” “good job,” and so on. We will demonstrate how to sign ‘Good’ in a single approach to communicate a cheerful or good gesture.

So, let’s get to the practical picture and video demonstrations.

Good in Sign Language

Before proceeding to the real demonstration of the sign language ‘Good,’ the following points must be addressed:

  • BSL (British Sign Language) signs are two-handed and quite unlike other visual languages like ASL or American Sign Language. They may share the same spoken language, but their sign languages are unique.
  • When studying BSL, you will come across the terms “dominant hand” and “non-dominant hand.” If you are right-handed, this is your dominant hand. Your non-dominant hand is your left hand. It is often referred to as the base hand.

With that said, let’s get back to our main discussion: how to say ‘Good’ in BSL?

First, please check out the video presented below, where you will get the various versions of expressing the word ‘Good.’ Here, we will discuss the most common gesture of this sign language.

Watch how to sign ‘good’ in British Sign Language

Please follow the step detailed below. This one is applicable for a single-handed gesture below.

Man seated with a normal posture in a blue background room

1. Start with a normal posture.

Male instructor has the right-hand thumb up to sign good in BSL

2. Lift your right hand (if that’s your dominant hand) up to your chest and use a “thumbs-up” gesture like the image above.

3. Make a short movement of your hand and head simultaneously while saying the word ‘Good’ aloud.

So there you have it, the first rendition of the word ‘Good.’

Now let us look at the second variant. This is the two-handed variant. Let’s begin.

1. Start with a normal posture again.

Posture Good in BSL

2. Lift both of your hands up to your chest and use a “thumbs-up” gesture like the image above.

male sign language instructor showing final posture for Good in BSL

3. Then, move your hands up and down while doing the same action with your head.

4. Again, don’t forget to say the word out loud while signing.

5. Obviously, keep a positive vibe on your facial expression.


So, that’s how we say ‘Good’ in sign language. The term, as you can see, has two distinct demonstrations. One of them needs us to sign with both of our hands, while the other does not. It is now up to you to decide which version would best showcase positive qualities or is convenient for you.