Hello in Sign Language – Video and Image Include

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When you take your first sign language classes, the probability of learning to say hello in sign language is very high. It will probably be one of the first words that you’ll encounter. It’s a very easy word to learn.

So, let’s explain the whole process to you. Although there are numerous sign languages, we will only discuss two here: American sign language or ASL and British sign language or BSL.

Hello in Sign Language

British Sign Language

Take a look at the following video from YouTube.

The lady in the video demonstrates how to express “Hello” in BSL. Let’s break down the video and explain the sign.

 Sign Language
The above picture shows us what our ideal

1. The above picture shows us what our ideal posture would look like when signing to a person. Stand up straight and look directly at the person you’re signing to.

2. With your hand in front, palm facing the person you’re communicating with, make a circular motion.
3. Make sure that your fingers are all spread out. If you make a fist without extending your fingers, it will confuse people.
4. For the sake of courtesy, smile!

So, that’s the complete process. However, in BSL, you can also say hello in another way. Take a look at another YouTube video.

Let’s break it down for you.

American Language
from the channel called Grab Official.

1. Keep a straight posture like the image above.

History Sign Language
Although officially recognised as a language in 2003
Structure of BSL
BSL is made up of a combination of hand signals

2. Lift your right hand up to the front of your ear and face your palm towards the one you’re saying hello to.
3. Shake your hand from left to right.
4. Again, smile!

American Sign Language

Now, we’re going to learn to say hello in American sign language. Take a look at the following video from the channel called Grab Official.

Hello in ASL looks more like a salute that the military personnel use. Let’s explain the whole process to you.

Alphabet and Fingerspelling
British Sign Language is split into different skill levels

1. Lift the palm of your left hand up towards your forehead. Just like the picture above, your palm will face down, and the back of your hand will face the sky.

Sign the Alphabet in BSL
There are no capital or lowercase letters in BSL

2. Now push your hand a bit forward in a single motion. But don’t change your hand’s prior posture. Your palm will still face down, and the back of your hand will face up.

Suggestions bsl
I hope this article helped you with your fingerspelling.

3. Let go of your hand and return to a normal posture.
4. Just like the person in the image above, smile!

So, that’s the whole process. If you want more videos on saying hello in sign language, go to Lingvano (ASL) and (BSL).


So, as you can see, saying hello in sign language- both in ASL and in BSL- is very easy. You can learn them in a matter of minutes. However, don’t mix the languages up. ASL and BSL are entirely different languages. If you start signing ASL to a BSL signer, they’ll probably get confused.