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How to be a Good Mother – Step by Step Guide


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It is only natural for moms to wonder if they are doing an excellent job as a mom. We usually ask ourselves questions like, “how to be a good mother to a son or daughter?”

All mothers wonder whether they are being good mothers and doing an excellent job as a parent. It’s only normal to be concerned about our kids and anytime one of them makes a mistake, we review our actions to see if we caused the behaviour.

We ask ourselves, “Am I a good mom at those times?” In moments of uncertainty, it is easy for us to start overthinking about everything and start to question if we even belong in the good moms club!

There are some guidelines you can use to parent your children in a loving way, but there are no hard and fast rules on how to be a good wife and mother.

Today, we’re taking a look to find out how to be a good mum.

Why is a Good Mother Important for Kids?

Being a mother is a journey that comes with life-long responsibilities, full of happy, proud, and emotional moments. It is pretty similar to a roller coaster ride.

Good Mother Important for Kids

We have listed the top five reasons that make a good mother so essential for a child:

1. The mother is the first person the child knows

A lot of fathers might say, “not fair”. But this is true. A child gets to know their mother as soon as they are born. The baby and mother are connected physically and mentally by the umbilical cord.

2. A strong, lifelong connection

A mother and child must form a strong bond over the period of nine months (pregnancy), and this is just the beginning. Once the child is born, the mother feeds the baby and puts them to sleep. A baby’s universe revolves around its mother.

3. The child learns to trust from their mother

A kid first learns to believe in their mother. Their mother teaches them how to be trustworthy and how to trust people. Mothers should set a positive example for their children in this way.

4. Nobody can give what a mother can

Mothers are like magicians! It may sound strange, but it’s true. They do have the power to build their child into anything, whether they are disciplined or not.

The mother is the person who develops a cIf you are looking for an Early Child Development Course that can help you learn everything about speech during early childhood, emotions of early childhood, and socialising in early childhood, then look no further. We’ve got a course for you which will help you learn about sociocultural and social learning theories and processes of child development.

Child the most. When a child is born, they are like a blank page. It will be able to be written by a mother. What the mother wants to write mostly depends on them.

Characteristics of a Good Mother

So, what makes a great mom? Let’s take a closer look at this list of the top characteristics of a good mother.


When you have patience, you’re less likely to react or say something you’ll later regret. As a working mom, it is especially important in the morning when you’re short of time and have to do the household chores. In terms of motherhood, it’s essential to be a patient mom.


It’s easy to treat our children disrespectfully, rudely, or in other ways, we will not want others to treat them. Why do we do it, then?

Respect your child as the individual he is and not as a representation of you. He is a great, independent individual who is developing his personality, tastes, likes, and dislikes as well as his own needs and goals. Even if you often disagree with him and argue about your beliefs and opinions, you should always treat him respectfully.


We shouldn’t try to act like we’re perfect because we’re not.

Nothing is worse than having your pride overcome you. Children must understand that adults also make mistakes. Have you ever tried to hide something from your children because you were embarrassed of what you did?

If you never accept responsibility for your mistakes, how can you expect them to do so? Make the most of the chance to apologise by acting as a role model, if only to teach them how to apologise to others.

 good mother of the groom

15 Tips to be a Good Mother

Have a look at the following tips on how to be a good mother. Keep in mind that the goal is to find ways to improve the mother-child relationship, not to achieve perfection.

1. Do not compare yourself with other moms

It’s possible for other mothers to be excellent at caring for their kids and managing household duties, but that doesn’t mean your personal skills are not good. You shouldn’t compare yourself to other mothers because every woman has a unique mindset for caring for children. Therefore, be happy and proud of the fact that you are doing your best to be a mother.

2. Self-care is important

Women put in a lot of work to support their families. They may have a habit of overlooking their physical and emotional health. Do you generally put others before yourself to the point where you get sick and feel disappointed? You s/8hould develop the habit of allowing yourself time to care for your physical and mental health. Keep in mind that a healthy and well-cared-for mother means a healthy child.

3. Seek help whenever needed

If you restrict yourself at home to make sure you are always there for your child, you will eventually become exhausted and start to feel angry and sad. So, seek the support of your friends and family.

4. Stop trying to be perfect

Do you feel you are not doing enough after working very hard for your kids? Don’t be so hard on yourself; consider it from your child’s point of view. They don’t care how well you take care of them; they just want the love and attention. They need and will enjoy your love for years to come.

5. Improve your sense of humour

When you have children, your life changes significantly. There will be times when everything looks beyond your control. Having a good sense of humour will help you to see things differently during these situations.

6. Be patient with your child

Despite their age, dealing with children is difficult. You may be interrupted by the curiosity of their surroundings, but you must remain patient.

7. Create memorable moments for your child

It’s not the expensive presents or big birthday celebrations that will make your child happy. Children may not understand the value of a high price tag, but they do know how to enjoy themselves and find joy in the little things. Take the time to create nice memories that your child will remember forever.

8. Be in touch with your child

Good communication is essential for a healthy relationship with your children. To encourage your kids to trust you, have honest conversations with them.

9. Don’t feel insulted at your child’s bad behaviour

Do not feel insulted if your child acts disrespectfully or disagrees with you in conversation. Find out why they are acting like this. Every time a child’s behaviour changes, there is a good reason for it. Speak with them and look for the actual problem that is causing their unusual behaviour.

10. Be open

Parents must give a lot of guidance and support to their children. However, if they are not willing to talk to you, they will feel lonely since they will be forced to manage their issues on their own. So, be the mother that kids feel comfortable talking to.

11. Express your emotions to them

Life’s difficulties will sometimes overcome you and leave you tired and angry. But don’t react at your kid. Use simple language when describing what you’re going through because they might not understand your situation well.

12. Respect your child’s personality

Each child has a different character. You must help to increase it as a parent. Encourage them to have their dreams and objectives and help them to achieve them rather than making them live out their unfulfilled dreams.

13. Support their skills and interests

Encourage your child to develop whatever interests they may have in a particular skill and hobby. Support them and let them know you are proud of their efforts, even if they show interest in a subject you may not find interesting.

14. Protect them from extra pressure

You might have certain goals for your child as a mother. But if your child has different aims from yours, do not let this discourage you. Never force your kids to do something they don’t feel comfortable doing.

15. Let them know it’s okay to fail

Children can find it difficult to accept failure. Make sure they understand that failure is a regular part of life and does not define an individual.

Good Mother Vs Bad Mother

The following information highlights the key differences between a good and a bad mother.

Good Mother

  • When you care about whether you are a good mother or not.

To put it more simply, the fact that you are concerned about whether you’re a good mom or not automatically qualifies you as a good mother. It would be a completely different situation if you did not care about your kids, whether what you were doing was good or not, or parenting in general. But you do care. Even reading this article shows you do care.

  • You make time for yourself:

A truly amazing mother will make time for herself, do what she enjoys, and fill her own cup. Even if it’s only for ten minutes a day (hopefully a little longer!).

You refuse your children:
Setting boundaries for your children is an important part of being a good parent, even when it may feel like you say “no” more often than any other word. Child needs boundaries and responds well to them.

  • You can accept your mistakes:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be the perfect mother? But in reality, nobody is. There is no “correct” way to be a mother. Because of this, it’s critical to recognise your mistakes. Since this is when you develop and learn. Accepting mistakes also teaches kids that making mistakes is acceptable.

Bad Mother

  • Ignoring and avoiding your child:

Your child’s behaviour may be seriously affected if you ignore him or her physically or emotionally. Ignoring is a common form of child abuse that can be just as harmful as physical abuse.

  • Mental or physical abuse:

A child’s health can suffer horribly if they are treated to physical or mental abuse. Many parents shout out at their kids in frustration without realising the psychological harm they are creating. A child can be affected for years by even one slap or insult.

  • Bias or unfairness:

When a mother is very clear about whose child they favour, it can be quite harmful, and children are more likely to experience depression later in life as a result. Opposite to what you may expect, the loved child does not gain from all the positive attention.

  • Irresponsible financial attitude:

Many parents don’t manage their finances well and don’t provide good financial role models for their kids. While some parents satisfy their children’s every desire, others are overly modest. While some people secretly hide their finances and pretend that money is unimportant, others constantly overspend and live beyond their means.

types of mother


How can I manage my time as a mother?

You can manage your time by making plans, lists, and writing things down.

How do you take care of yourself as a busy mother?

By eating breakfast every day, eating healthfully, and drinking lots of water, you can take care of yourself.

How can a mother balance work and family?

A mother can balance work and family by using time-saving techniques, finding trustworthy childcare providers, and planning unique and important family activities.

What is parental burnout?

Parental burnout is the tiredness one has as a result of the ongoing stress of becoming a parent.

How often should a stay-at-home mom get a break?

At least three times a day, before the kids get up, after lunch, and before they go to bed, stay-at-home moms should take a break.

How do you refresh as a mom?

You can exercise, meditate, and go for a walk which will help you feel refreshed and recharged.

At what age should a child know the days of the week?

Children can start to understand and learn the days of the week once they reach the ages of 3 or 4.

What are some good time management skills?

The essential time management skills include setting priorities, coordinating, making decisions, and setting goals.

How to be a good mother-in-law and grandmother?

Cheerful, caring, helpful, and respectful qualities are necessary to become a good mother-in-law and grandma.

What are the responsibilities of a good mother?

The responsibilities of a good mother include showing her children how to enjoy life to the fullest, being there for them when they need her, and giving them food, shelter, and love.


We understand that no mother has to be taught how to be a good mum, but we equally understand how difficult being a mother is. It requires a significant amount of effort to raise a child to be a good person.

Giving your children the education and the life you have dreamed for them also takes a lot of work and sacrifice. Motherhood is, therefore, wonderful and the most fulfilling profession on earth, considering how hard and stressful it can be.

In this article, we’ve given you some tips on how to be the greatest version of yourself with the daily difficulties that come with being a mother. You may already be doing them, but if not, make an effort to do so to make being a mother easier and more satisfying.

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