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Dance in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Today we are taking a look to find out how to say the word dance in sign language.

Have you ever seen how a one-year-old who is barely able to walk by themselves begins to move to the beat? If not dance in public, a 65-year-old will at least tap their feet to the music, right? Have you ever wondered why this reaction happens?

The answer is simple.

Everyone loves dancing. No matter what your age is, dancing comes as naturally as breathing.

The world has so many different kinds of sign language!

But today, we will only discuss BSL or British Sign Language.

To learn BSL, you first have to get into its basics and for that, you should know, “what is fingerspelling“.

So let’s get started with-

Dance in Sign Language

We have linked a video below. Please watch it first. Don’t worry about its speed. We’ll explain it in detail to you.

Please follow the steps we’ll discuss shortly.

A man shows how to sign “dance” in British Sign Language

1. Start with a normal posture.

BSL tutor with his hands touching his chest
2. Now raise both of your hands and take out your index and middle fingers to create a “V” shape.

BSL tutor holding his one hand with the other
3. Now keep moving your hands up and down, as in the picture above.

So, that’s the first version of the word. Now let’s see the second version.

BSL interpreter with a normal posture

1. Start with a normal posture again.

BSL teacher with two fingers open of both the hands

2. Raise both of your hands and take out your index and middle fingers to create a “V” shape.

BSl tutor showing V with the fingers of both the hands

3. Now move your hands to the right side, as shown in the picture above.

BSL interpreter with final posture of signing dance

4. Now move your hands to the left side.
5. Say the word while you are signing.


So that’s how we say “dance” in sign language. Learning sign language can help you communicate with a friend or loved one who may be deaf, as well as open up a whole new and exciting world of communication for you. While trying to learn sign language may seem challenging at first, after you know the basics, things should start to flow a lot more easily.

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