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7 Baking Tools and Equipment – A Complete List


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Baking is something we all love. Whether yummy cheesecakes, crispy croissants, cheesy pizzas or delicious birthday cakes, you can only bake all these mouth-watering dishes if you have appropriate baking tools and equipment. Yes! An oven is a must, but with the help of professional baking instruments, you can enhance your baking experience.

There are several baking instruments available in the market, you only have to spend some money, and you can easily purchase the required ones. These tools will not just help you bake tasty recipes but also help you decorate and serve them beautifully.

This guide will tell you about the tools and equipment used in baking and their importance in baking a delightful meal.

What are the baking tools and equipment?

Baking is an art that requires the right baking tools for preparing sumptuous delicacies. Consequently, while baking, there are several baking instruments that you will require for heating, cutting, boiling and roasting. These instruments are known as baking tools and equipment and you can bake your desired dishes using these.

Further, these tools are divided into seven categories and can be used as per the requirement of the dish you are cooking.

If you are a new baker or one looking to expand your baking skills you can stock up your kitchen by using the list below:

What are the 7 classifications of baking tools and equipment?

The baking tools are classified into seven sections depending upon their usage. Below given is the list of the seven tools and equipment used in baking, along with their subtypes:

1. Oven:

An oven is the most valuable baking tool. Other than their primary function, baking, ovens can do much more. For example, you can roast and cook your food. However, baking is always its primary function.

Baking becomes even more interesting if done with modern ovens. So you just have to prepare your dish and put it in the oven at the right temperature and for the right time, and the machine will bake it into a delicious meal.

Types of Oven:

There are four different types of ovens available in the market. Thus you can pick the one as per your requirements.

Convection Oven:

A convection oven looks like your regular oven, but the only difference is the fan it uses. It has an exhaust system which circulates hot air around the oven cavity. Thus, helping the dishes on each rack cook evenly by reducing cool and hot spots. Some convection ovens also have true convection, a third heating element used to cook food faster.

Deck or Cabinet Oven:

This type of oven is bigger than other ovens and thus ideal for commercial usage in bakeries and restaurants. Further, it uses heat waves that directly touch the food and bake it. This eventually makes it ideal for cooking food as it evenly distributes heat.

A lady is baking muffins in a microwave oven

Microwave Oven:

Microwave is the most popular type of oven, often used for household usage. Unlike convection ovens, these types of ovens use radio waves to cook food. In addition, modern microwave ovens come with various in-built tools like a timer and grills.

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2. Preparatory tools:

These are the essential baking tools and equipment to start preparing the dish. You can bake several dishes, but initially, you have to start by gathering the preparatory tools. Further, with these tools, you can begin the process of preparing your dish. This toolkit often includes graters, spatula, trays, etc; to give a proper start to your baking activity.

Types of Preparatory tools:

There are multiple preparatory tools available in the market, some of them are listed here:


Grater (shredder) is a type of preparatory tool used for grating foods into fine pieces. It is often used for grating vegetables, fruits and cheese.


If you are a fan of pancakes, you must have a spatula. It is a tool with a long arm and a flat and soft blade. The flat part of this equipment is used for flipping the pancakes without disturbing their shape.

Rolling pin:

The rolling pin is used to flatten any dough. It is one of the most useful kitchen tools. It is a must for rolling the dough of some of the popular dishes like tortillas or pizza.

Rolling pin, one of the preparatory tools used for baking

Pastry tips:

Pastry tips are one of the most popular decoration tools. If you want to decorate your cupcakes, cakes and pastries, you should purchase them. These tips come in a set that includes several designs to make your dish look attractive.

Utility tray:

A utility tray is a flat rectangular tray available in variable sizes and shapes. These trays are usually microwave-safe and can also be used as a pan in the oven. These trays are ideal for cooking flat products like pizzas, sheet cakes, cookies, and Swiss rolls.

Popover pans:

If you are searching for tools and equipment used in baking cupcakes, this pan is a must for you. These pans are designed for baking popover batters. If you want to cook a dish that may pop over after baking, then you can go for this pan. If you love baking brownies, muffins and cupcakes, you should buy this pan.

3. Measuring tools:

If you want your dish to come out the way you planned, then you have to add ingredients in proper quantities. These measuring tools can measure the exact quantity of ingredients you are required to add to your recipe.

Here is the list of measuring tools that will help you measure the exact quantity of ingredients required to add to your recipe:

Measuring cups:

A measuring cup is a measuring tool used to measure the dry ingredients. The measuring cup sets include 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 1 cup. You can go for stainless steel measuring cups as they are durable, heat resistant, and dishwasher safe.

Measuring spoons:

A measuring spoon is a small spoon-shaped tool used to measure any ingredient in small quantities. It comes in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon sizes. You can purchase two sets of these measuring instruments, one for dry and one for liquid ingredients. Stainless steel measuring spoons are long-lasting, hence, you can go for them rather than the plastic ones.

Weighing scale:

The weighing scale helps you to weigh the ingredients (you need to add to your recipe) accurately. A weighing scale is effective for both wet and dry ingredients. You only have to pour the ingredients into the bowl and you will know the exact weight of the ingredients you need to use in your recipe.

Measuring cups for liquid ingredients:

Yes, you need different measuring cups to measure liquid and dry ingredients. The liquid measuring cups usually come in 1-cup, 2-cup, 4-cup, and 8-cup sizes. When it comes to the liquid ingredients, you should go for the glass ones rather than those made up of plastics.


A timer is another essential tool you should have for measuring accurate baking time. The oven has a timer that is used to bake dishes and other food items for a particular time or temperature. You can use this timer for roasting, baking or cooking food. You can also purchase a separate timer if your oven doesn’t have a reliable one.

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Bundt pan one of the essential baking pans

4. Baking pans:

When it comes to baking, a baking pan is of utmost importance. These are pans made up of oven-safe and heat-resistant material. Baking pans are available in various sizes and shapes, which you can choose as per your requirements. Below-mentioned is some of the types of baking pans:

Tube centre pan:

Tube pans are the basic cake baking equipment. It is best for making lighter cakes like chiffon and angel food. These pans come with feet at the top so that when you flip the pan upside down and take out the cake, it should stay up off the counter.

Muffin pan:

Cupcakes and muffins are some of the most popular dishes baked in an oven. Hence, a muffin pan is a must. This pan is available in different sizes and you can select a muffin pan depending on the size of your microwave. It can also reduce your baking time by putting as many muffins as you want in a sorted manner. This pan is the primary tool and equipment used in baking cupcakes.

Cake pan:

It is one of the most commonly used cake baking tools and equipment. The cake pans are designed for baking cakes. Though these pans are usually in the circle shape, they are available in square, rectangle and heart shapes.

Bundt pan:

A bundt pan may look like a tube pan, but unlike tube pans, bundt pans are used for making heavier cakes. These artistic pans are known for baking simple yet stylish cakes. The cakes baked in these pans do not need any specific decoration or frosting as the pan’s lid gives it a beautiful shape. This makes it a popular cake baking and decorating equipment.

Chef using rotary egg beater for mixing cake batter

5. Mixing tools:

This tool can mix various ingredients while preparing the dish. You can use it for mixing both wet and dry ingredients. You can pick your mixing tool as per the quantity required to mix ingredients while baking your favourite food recipe.

Mixing bowls:

These are deep bowls with a big opening so you can mix the ingredients properly. You should always have at least two mixing bowls, a small one for lesser ingredients and a big one for mixing the ingredients in large quantities.

Wooden spoon:

A Wooden spoon is the best for mixing the ingredients. It is made up of wood and has a long arm. You can mix both hot and cool ingredients with it. You can use it for mixing ingredients while cooking, stirring sauce, and mixing dry ingredients.

Electric and Handy mixer:

These electric-powered mixers can mix dry and wet ingredients. You should always go for a handy and highly durable mixer for easy and long time usage.

Rotary egg beater:

If you love baking, then you should have a Rotary egg beater. This is a multipurpose instrument which can beat eggs and also work as a whisk. You can go for the stainless steel whisks, as they are durable and can easily mix excessively sticky ingredients.

6. Cutting tools:

If you are fond of baking delicious dishes, you need tools that are more than a regular knife. You should have a good variety of cutting tools to cut and give a decent shape to your bakery food items. There is a huge variety of cutting tools available in the market. You can pick it as per your requirements.

We have listed some of the necessary cutting tools below:

Pastry wheel:

If you love making pastry and pizza, you should get the pastry wheel soon. This tool can cut cookie and pizza dough in accurate shapes and sizes. The tool has an arm to hold and wheels to cut. The pastry wheels come with different shapes or designs to create beautiful cutting patterns.

Kitchen shears:

A kitchen shear is a special cutting instrument with both the scissor and knife assorted. Further, you can use this tool for cutting veggies and opening packets. Also, the knife built the kitchen shear can work as a regular kitchen knife.

Chopping boards:

Chopping boards are one of the most important cutting tools. Further, it is a board with an assorted chopper. Hence, you can easily place the fruits, vegetables or anything you want to cut on the board and chop it with the knife.

7. Other baking equipment:

Other than the oven and different baking tools, there are some more baking tools that you should have to enhance your baking experience. Below, we have listed these baking equipment:

Chopping board tools and equipment used for baking

Bread toaster:

Toast and butter is the most popular breakfast and to bake crispy rusk you need a bread toaster. Likewise, it is a user-friendly kitchen appliance that cooks a bread slice to make it slightly crispier.

You have to plug in the toaster, adjust the knob (depending upon how much you would like to bake the bread) and put the bread slice in. Lastly, spread some peanut butter on the rusk and your breakfast is ready!

Double boiler:

A double boiler is a special boiling tool used for melting purposes. Further, this boiler can melt chocolate, marshmallows, and other stuff. You can also make a DIY double boiler at home. In addition, you need a pan and a glass bowl for this.

Place the pan on the stove, put some water in it and place the glass bowl above the boiling water. Simultaneously, place the ingredient you want to melt in the bowl and watch your ingredient melt.

Two toasts jumping out of a red toaster


Baking is an art, and to make it a fun experience, you should have the right set of tools and equipment. Undoubtedly this guide will update you with some of the most essential tools for baking.

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