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Hungry in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Finding it difficult to express that you’re hungry to your sweetheart? If she has difficulty hearing, you could start by learning sign language and the sign for hungry. She’ll love to cook your favourite meal seeing your efforts to communicate with her. Thus, today, we’re going to learn how to say Hungry in sign language.

Although the term varies throughout sign languages, we’ll focus on British Sign Language (BSL) today.

So let’s get this conversation started.

Hungry in Sign Language

Watch the full video, which we linked below.

Don’t be concerned if it advances too fast for you. We’re going to will discuss each stage in further depth below.

Watch how to sign ‘hungry’ in British Sign Language

Before we begin, keep in mind that BSL is a two-handed sign language. That suggests you’ll be using both hands to communicate.

There are signs where we use our dominant hand for one movement and our non-dominant hand for accompanying gestures. Never swap your dominant hand when signing. This will baffle the individual with whom you are conversing.

So, back to our topic, how do you say hungry in sign language?

Follow the steps that we’ll now discuss.

Man sitting on a chair with a normal posture

1. Start with a normal posture.

Man sitting on a chair while his right hand near his chest in a fist, trying to say something

2. Lift your hand up to your chest. Like the image above, you can curl all your finger to make a fist if you want. Let the fist touch your body in the middle of your chest.

Male instructor showing how to sign hungry in BSL as he places his right hand near the stomach curled up in a fist

3. Make a circular motion like moving your hand through an orbit. Watch the video one more time for reference.

4. Say the word ‘hungry’ as you’re signing it.

There is another way to say the word ‘hungry’ in BSL. Use the same link that we gave earlier to see the video. Let’s discuss the steps now.



1. Start with a normal posture.

Instructor teaching sign language and has his right hand placed near his chest

2. Lift your hand up to your chest and point towards yourself with all your fingers like the image above.

Instructor teaching BSL and has his right hand pointed towards him

3. Now swipe it down a bit. See the video if you want some references regarding the gestures.

4. Say the word as you’re signing it.


What does rubbing your belly in Sign Language mean?

Rubbing the belly means that the person is hungry in BSL. Interestingly, some other sign languages also use the same sign to mean ‘hungry’ too.


So, that’s how we sign Hungry in British Sign Language. Now, if someone asks, “What is hungry in sign language?”, “What is the sign language for hungry?” or something like “What is the sign language for hungry?” you can show them your linguistic prowess! Keep a beautiful smile on your face as well. We can connect more successfully when we smile. Never swap your dominant hand as we’ve mentioned earlier.

Your words will lose all meaning if you do that. Another important thing to remember is to check if the person you are having a conversation with can properly see you. If the signer’s actions are not evident, anybody might readily misread the message. You should also regularly practice the sign if you want to learn it; otherwise, you risk forgetting it over time.

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