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Welcome in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Today, we’re going to learn how to say Welcome in sign language.

But first, we have to understand, “What is Welcome in sign language?” The meaning of the word is the same across all languages, whether we use sign language or speak it. So, You Are Welcome in sign language is also the same too. You can use the same sign for both purposes.

Although the word varies amongst sign languages, we will only concentrate on British Sign Language (BSL) today.

So let’s start our discussion on how to sign Welcome in BSL.

Welcome in Sign Language

Remember that BSL is a two-handed sign language before we begin. That implies you’ll be communicating with both hands.

There are signs in which we utilise our dominant hand for a single movement and our non-dominant hand for supporting motions. When signing, never switch your dominant hand. Otherwise, it will baffle the person with whom you are chatting.

So, back to our topic, how do you say you’re welcome in sign language?

BSL interpreter sitting

1. Start with a normal posture.

Welcome in British sign language

2. Lift both hands up to your chest. Like the image above, all your fingers except for the thumbs will be pointing up towards the sky. Relax your thumbs and let them rest in a normal posture.

BSl Interprester showing hand gesture for welcome

3. Move your fingers forward and backward as if you’re calling the one you’re communicating with to come to you. Watch the video again for reference.

4. Say the word ‘welcome’ as you’re signing it.

5. Keep a beautiful smile on your face as well. We can connect more successfully when we smile.

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So, that’s how we sign Welcome in British Sign Language. Now, if someone asks, “How to say You’re Welcome in sign language?” or something like “What is You’re Welcome in sign language?” you can show them your linguistic prowess!

Check that the person you are having a conversation with can properly see you. If the signer’s actions are not evident, anybody might readily misread the message. You must regularly practice the sign if you want to learn it; otherwise, you risk forgetting it over time.

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