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Learn How to Apply Classic Eyelash Extensions


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Are you tired of visiting salons and spending money on eyelash extensions? Luscious lashes are the dream of every girl. Big and beautiful eyes can make anyone look attractive. Don’t worry! We have brought a permanent solution to your concern. Within a few days, you will learn how to apply classic eyelash extensions.


By reading this comprehensive guide. The article explains how you can apply eyelash extensions step by step and how to become a professional lash expert at the same time.

Before we proceed on the steps to apply for lash extensions, let’s quickly resolve some of the questions related to the same:

 Lash technician performing eyelash extension procedure on her client

What is Eyelash Extension?

Eyelash extensions are fake eyelashes that can be easily attached to the hairline of natural lashes to make their fringe look fuller, darker and longer. Unlike those artificial lashes that you have to remove before washing your face, this one lasts longer and is more natural-looking. These are super fine synthetic lash strands one has to apply or get fixed by eyelash stylists.

All eyelash extensions use synthetic mink or synthetic silk (which are both hair types) and are applied using 100% medical-grade silicone adhesive or a medical-grade adhesive, popularly known as lash glue. Unlike the standard adhesive, which is water-resistant, the medical-grade silicone adhesive used during eyelash application is heat-resistant. If applied carefully, Eyelash Extension does not hurt. These lashes make the eyes look fuller and dramatically feminine.

Due to the growth of natural lashes, the artificial ones start falling out automatically after 5-6 weeks. However, this may develop an irritation or burning sensation in the lashes. To avoid this, you can get the artificial eyelashes removed by a lash artist.

Eyelash extensions are available in a variety of styles and sizes. These extensions can be further customised as per the client’s requirements. The lashes are available in 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D, variants, depending upon the hair strand each lash has. Thus, one can pick any of the lashes and get the desired look.

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Is Eyelash Extension Safe?

Eyelash extensions are undoubtedly safe. They are constructed from a synthetic material called polyurethane. The material is as natural as the mascara that you use. Also, if done with proper care and with a safer lash extension kit, these lashes look natural and beautiful. You just need to get in touch with an expert lash artist. The one with expertise in the field can perform the procedure carefully.

Make sure the lash technician uses professional lash extension tools and good-quality classic lashes. For example, the strands of the Russian eyelash extension are of good quality. Those are thinner and more natural-looking. You can also use Russian eyelash extensions for allergy-free and natural-looking lashes.

These precautions will help you avoid side effects and allergies in your eyes, eyelashes, eyelids or face, that may arise due to improper application and removal of the artificial lashes.

Tools for eyelash extension

Benefits of Lash Extension

Eyelash extensions have become a new trend among women. The young female population spends thousands of bucks to get these stunning lash extensions. But why have these extensions become so popular?

We have listed the benefits of lash extensions that will help you believe why every woman adores them:

  • The lash extensions make the eye look big and seek attention.
  • Its slender strands give a natural look to the lashes.
  • The classic lashes are water-resistant, so you can wash your face wearing them.
  • It makes the natural eyelash look voluminous and luscious.
  • It reduces the need for extra eye makeup, especially mascara.
  • The lash extension does not damage your natural eyelashes.
  • It lasts for more than 5-6 weeks, with proper care.
  • There are almost no side effects or allergies after applying for the lash extensions.
  • They are lightweight and feel completely natural.

With so many benefits, eyelash extensions have become a fashion trend among women.


Tools for Eyelash Extension

To achieve the desired lashes, you should have all the necessary tools. Make sure you have the below-mentioned tools before you start the lash extension procedure:

  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Face cleanser
  • Eyelash extension kit
  • Eyelash glue
  • Eyelash tweezers
  • Lash cleansing brushes
  • Eyelash cleanser
  • Eye pad
  • Eyelash spoolies
  • Mascara wand
  • Lash nebuliser
  • Lash magnifying glasses

With these tools, one can start the lash extension procedure smoothly.

Set of eyelash extensions

Classic Eyelash Extension – A Guide For Beginners

Application of classic eyelash extensions is a gradual process, and one should follow all the steps strictly.

  • Ensure that you have clean hands. Never forget to get your hands sanitised before applying the eyelash extension.
  • Clean the eyelashes and the face of your client with a good cleanser.
  • Ask the client for the desired look and select the eyelashes accordingly.
  • Apply a white adhesive pad on the eyelids safely. Make sure the pad does not get into the eyes of the client. (You can also use tape for the security of the lower lashes)
  • Apply lash primer with a swab.
  • Now apply the glue gently onto the area of extension. Do not forget to shake the glue at least for a minute before its application.
  • Clean the tweezer properly before using it.
  • Open your eyelash extension kit.
  • Now pick a strand of the lash with the tweezer, dip its vein in the glue and place it on the hairline of the natural lash.
  • Do not apply more than one lash strand at a time.
  • Once done, brush the lashes gently with the mascara wand, separating them from one another.
  • Apply a lash strand one after the other.
  • Repeat the same steps for the second eye.
  • Cure the lashes with a eyelash nebuliser. It will strengthen the bond between classic lashes and the eyelash hairline.
  • Now apply the sealer and seal the extensions for a better hold.
  • Remove the eye pads and tape.
  • Advise the client to open their eyes slowly.
  • Explain to the client the aftercare methods. (Avoid the application of oil-based cream, facial, and chemical peels. Do not touch the lashes more often.)

You are Done! You are all set to wave goodbye to your client.

Isn’t that easy?

It may sound so, but in reality, achieving those gorgeous-looking lashes is a tedious task when you are a beginner. To apply the lash extensions in the best possible manner, you need to enrol on the professional eyelash extensions course of the Lead Academy. The online course will help you master the art of lash extension and become a skilled eyelash extension technician.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions?

After 5-6 weeks, the eyelash extension fallout due to the growth of your natural hair. But the fall can be messy, and you may develop itching in your eyelids. To avoid this, getting the extensions removed by a professional eyelash artist is essential.

You can also get rid of your old lash extensions at home by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Clean your face properly.
  • Sanitise your hand.
  • Set the water steamer.
  • Cover yourself with a towel and take some steam on your face.
  • The steam will lose the bond created by the lash glue.
  • Take a good quality oil-based cleanser like Lakme Absolute Argan Radiance Rinse-Off Cleansing Oil.
  • Apply it gently with a cotton swab on your eyelash.
  • Stick the white, adhesive pad or the tape just below the eye.
  • Take the cotton swab and gently brush it on the lash.
  • The steam and the oil-based conditioner will loosen the lash strand.
  • Brush the lashes smoothly, and the strands of the lash extension will start collecting on the tape.
  • Do the same with the other eye.
  • Clean your face again and apply the moisturiser.

Before and after applying false eyelashes

Can you teach yourself to do Eyelash Extensions?

While applying for the eyelash extension, you should remember that your eyes are sensitive. Hence, you should be very careful while using the lash extensions. Rather than teaching yourself, getting the eyelash extension procedure done by professionals is always a good idea.

The eyelash extension course offered by Lead Academy can help you become a certified eyelash extension technician. The course is designed by the experts and improves your knowledge in applying for the lash extensions. In addition, with the internationally recognised online course of Lead Academy, you can apply for eyelash extensions by yourself.

Take-Home Advice:

Here is the list of critical points you should keep in mind before applying for the eyelash extensions:

  • Apply the lash from above rather than from the front. (That’s why a lash technician makes you sit and apply the lashes standing behind you)
  • The length and colour of the artificial extension should match your natural lash.
  • Always go for the branded products to avoid allergies and side effects in or outside your eyes.
  • Avoid wearing oil-based mascara on the eyelids with artificial lashes. It can make your lashes fall early.

For natural-looking eyes, you can go for the Russian eyelash extensions.


With the advancement in cosmetic technology, it is possible to enhance your eyes and give them the desired look. And how? by applying for eyelash extensions. You can get those beautiful looking lashes from an expert lash extension technician. However, you have to invest huge bucks for the lash treatment.

Cheer up! Now you can join Lead Academy, one of the leading e-learning platforms to cut down your salon bills. The course will help you master the art of eyelash extension.

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