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Wonderful Sources of Support for Learning and Development


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The world is becoming competitive day by day, so personal and professional development has become crucial to sustain in this competitive era. It’s your skills that speak on your behalf wherever you present yourself. To develop these skills and stay updated, continual learning has no alternative. This learning, when backed up by sources of support, can lead you to the path of success.

But, what are the sources of support for learning and development (L&D)? How to identify sources of support for planning and reviewing own development? This blog can help you know. Do give it a read.

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What are Sources of Support for Learning and Development?

“Sources of Support” are those elements that aid in your learning and development. These sources can be either formal or informal. While the formal sources of support mostly rely on the professionals, their advice and guidance, informal sources are about events, research and practical learning. Both the forms of support can help you create a personal vision and motivate you to reach your target.

Different Sources of Support for Personal and Professional Development:

This blog has attempted to outline sources of support for learning and development, which are as follows-

Formal Sources-

Your Manager

The best source of support for your learning and development can be your manager. It’s him with whom you can discuss your personal development goals.
Your manager might suggest any training they think would benefit you after annual appraisal and supervision. They can also offer you guidance and feedback on how to improve yourself both personally and professionally.

Your Co-worker

Two young employees discussing information and taking notes

Another important source of support for your learning and development would be your co-workers. Just like your manager, they can guide you to meet your career goals and provide feedback on your performance. You might also be able to learn from their decision-making process and strategies.

Your Mentor

A mentor is someone who provides advice, guidance and support you need to thrive personally and professionally. Your mentor can be anyone from your work or outside your workplace, whom you can trust and who is willing to assist you in your learning and development.

You can follow your mentor’s advice, observe them, and then incorporate their good practice into your own. If they share their experience, you might also take lessons from those experiences.

Formal and Informal Training

Training programmes, both formal and informal, can contribute to your learning and personal development. Your employer or any external agency might provide formal training. You can also undertake on-the-job training and online courses to develop your skills.

Team meetings

Routine team meetings provide an opportunity for you to learn something new along with your team members. You can share your views, ideas and discuss common problems to bring up a solution.

Brainstorming session in team meeting

Informal Sources-


You can attend local seminars that contribute to your personal or career development. These seminars provide information that you can incorporate in your personal and professional life to reach your goals.


To discuss problems and offer solutions, workshops bring all the professionals with specific expertise under one roof. These workshops demand active participation from those attending. This hands-on experience can benefit you in achieving new skills.


Volunteering offers an opportunity to acquire practical skills and improves your communication skills. It helps to reinforce trust in your ability to learn quickly and act efficiently.

Internet Research

The Internet is a wonderful source for learning and keeping yourself up-to-date. That is why you can do your own research through the internet and browse about topics you need to know for your personal and professional development.


Consider reading books that interest you and relate to your personal-professional development. If you are not sure what to read, ask your peers, manager or mentor to recommend.

Check out this blog and learn how to write a personal development plan.

Why are Sources of Support Important for Personal Development?

Success written on a piece of white paper

Before acknowledging the importance of the sources of support for personal development, you first need to understand why personal development is necessary.

Personal development is about improving your talent, potential and employability. Thus, it helps to set your vision about life and makes your life goals clear. Personal development acts as the driving force behind your success.

Likewise, the sources of support allow you to embark on a meaningful journey of growth and self-reflection. When it comes to personal development, the sources of support help to identify your talent and hone your skills.

The formal sources of support guides and encourages you to improve yourself and the informal ones, prepares you through practical learning.

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Why are Sources of Support Important for Professional Development?

As per Forbes, “Professional development aims to give professionals the skills, knowledge and behaviours that they need to thrive in their careers and ensure it aligns with their values.”

Now, the question is, what is the role of sources of support in professional development? Well, there are many. For instance, informal sources of support like conferences, workshops and volunteering aid in networking with other professionals. This broadens your career opportunities.

Furthermore, formal support like training develops your skills, preparing you as an eligible candidate for your respective field.

Additionally, by observing your senior employees, like your manager, colleagues or mentor, you can adopt their work style and improve your workplace performance.


The blog has explained the 10 sources of support for learning and development that are helpful for your growth, whether personally or professionally. With the help of these sources, you can also refine your abilities and expand your expertise.

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