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Student ID Card


How to Take Suitable Photo for Student ID Card

Having a suitable photo for student ID card is crucial, as it represents your identity throughout your academic journey. To ensure a professional and presentable image, it is important to follow certain guidelines and tips when taking the photo. By doing so, you can meet the requirements set by your institution and have a photo […]


How to Become a Personal Assistant

Personal assistants are responsible for assisting their senior staff in handling organisational tasks. They are the most dependable and trustworthy employees as they manage the core tasks like scheduling, arranging meetings, answering phone calls on behalf of their employers. So, what are the ways to be a successful personal assistant? Read this blog and know […]


How to Apply for a Student ID Card Online

When you’re a student, every penny matters, so students are always looking for a way to save money. Even saving 5% to 10% here and there stacks up to a noticeable amount at the end of the year. Discounts in various places is one of the common ways of saving money for students; however, without […]