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Education and Training

How to Become a Nursery Teacher?

Are you passionate about working with children? Do you enjoy spending time with them? Are you creative and interested in cutting and sticking? If your answer is ‘yes,’ becoming a nursery teacher is the right profession for you. A nursery teacher prepares the students for the next stages of their life by playing multiple roles […]

How to Become a SEN Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistants (TA) play a pivotal role in the classroom. This is especially true when it comes to supporting pupils with SEN teaching assistants. SEN stands for “Special Education Needs”. SEN teaching assistants work with pupils that have a wide range of behaviour and learning challenges. Being a SEN teaching assistant every single day is […]

10 Wonderful Sources of Support for Learning and Development

The world is becoming competitive day by day, so personal and professional development has become crucial to sustain in this competitive era. It’s your skills that speak on your behalf wherever you present yourself. To develop these skills and stay updated, continual learning has no alternative. This learning, when backed up by sources of support, […]

What are the Benefits of Forest Schools – Top 10 Benefits

Forest School is a growing concept of education that follows a method of pedagogy different from traditional schools. This particular type of school believes in ‘learner-led’ activities instead of providing them with assignments and taking tests. The popularity of Forest schools is rising day by day, and its benefits are getting recognised as well. This […]