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World in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Do you want to know how to say ‘world’ in Sign Language? It’s one of the words we use every day. So, when someone teaches you sign language, they start describing it to you. We’re going to assume you’re here because you need to learn the word.

Don’t worry. Today, we’ll show you how to sign “world” in sign language by using images and videos.

So let’s begin.

World in Sign Language

Before moving on to the presentation itself, there are a few things you should know. Take a look at them:

  • Unlike several other visual languages, such as American Sign Language or ASL, BSL is a two-handed language, despite having the same spoken language, they use different sign languages.
  • When learning BSL, the terms “dominant hand” and “non-dominant hand” will be used. If you are right-handed, this hand is your dominant one. Your non-dominant hand is your left one. The base hand is another name for it.

Let’s go back to our main topic: how to say “world” in BSL.

Please watch the video below to get started.

Now, please follow the steps given below.

World in british sign language

  1. Start with a normal posture.

World in sign language bsl

2. Connect both of your hands.

World in sign language usa

3. Join both of your hands to create an ‘O’ shape, which is shown in the above picture.

World in sign language uk

4. While you are creating an ‘O’ shape, say the word ‘world.’


So, that’s how we say “world” in sign language. Make sure the person you’re communicating with can see you. Some signs appear inappropriate if other people cannot see what you are doing.

Finally, practice regularly. You’ll remember the sign better if you regularly practise.

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