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Jobs in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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2 Mins Read

Today we will take a look to find out how to say ‘jobs’ in Sign Language.

Many people think that sign language is universal and can be used anywhere. That is not true. In fact, there are numerous types of sign language used today.

The sign for “jobs” differs depending on the sign language you are using. However, today’s discussion will only focus on British Sign Language or BSL.

Jobs in Sign Language Alphabet

Let’s quickly go over a few points before we begin today’s main discussion.

  • BSL uses a number of hand gestures, lip patterns, facial expressions, shoulder movements, and hand shapes. It is structured entirely differently from English and has its own language.
  • In BSL, you always begin with the main topic or subject. Then you make a reference to something related to the subject, for example:
  •  English: What is your name?
  •  BSL: Name – what?

We will now move on to our main topic for today.

A video is linked below. Please watch it first. Don’t worry about its speed. We’ll explain it in detail to you.

Please follow the steps we’ll discuss shortly.

Jobs in sign language bsl

  1. Start with a normal posture.

Jobs in sign language uk

2. Raise both of your hands.

3. As shown in the picture above, put all your fingers out and put the right hand on top and the left hand just below the right hand.

4. Say the word “jobs” while you are signing.


So, that’s how we say “jobs” in sign language. Make sure your audience can see you clearly when you show your sign to them; otherwise, it could lead to misunderstanding. Last but not least, make sure you practice regularly, which will help you learn the sign quickly.