Please in Sign Language – Video & Image Include

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So you want to take your girlfriend to a nice restaurant. But your sweetheart has some hearing problems, and she communicates in signs. Would you let the language barrier ruin your plans? That’s what we’re here to do. We’ll show you how to say ‘please’ in sign language so that you can use it in whatever communication situation you’re in.

There are many sign languages like American Sign Language (ASL), Baby Signs, British Sign Language (BSL) and so on. However, we’re only going to discuss the word ‘please’ for BSL only here.

So, let’s start.

Please in Sign Language

Watch this video linked down below.

Now, just follow these steps.

Sign Language
Start from a normal posture

1. Start from a normal posture and keep a normal facial expression as well.

users of BSL
Raise your hand up to your chin.

2. Raise your hand up to your chin. Spread your palm. Keep the palm side towards your face and the back of your hand towards the people you’re signing to.
3. Your fingers will also be spread out, and ideally, they’ll all point upwards.

should you learn BSL
Now just push your hand a few inches

4. Now just push your hand a few inches forward while keeping the same hand posture throughout the process.
5. Once done, let go of your hand and return to a normal posture.
6. Remember, smiles help us connect with the person we’re communicating with. So always keep a friendly, simple smile on your face if possible.

One important tip, it doesn’t matter which hand you use for signing. If your right hand is your dominant hand, use that and vice versa. Just don’t interchange them, as this will confuse your audience.


So, that’s how you say ‘please’ in sign language. It’s a simple process. Just repeat the whole gesture a few times, and you can learn the entire thing in mere minutes. Also, keep yourself clearly visible while signing, as sign language is purely visual. If the people that you’re signing to have trouble seeing you or can’t properly see what you’re signing, your message will appear broken to them. Sign language isn’t all that different from spoken language in such that clarity is a massive factor for effective communication in both these cases.