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Just in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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2 Mins Read

Today, we’re going to learn the word “just” in sign language.

Even if you don’t know how to sign, you’ve probably seen it used in public or heard it being used by a sign language interpreter at a conference or concert. There are various sign languages which are recognised and used around the world. But today, we will only discuss BSL or British Sign Language.

Further, you can check out this blog How to Learn BSL Beginner to Advanced to gain a better understanding of British Sign Language.

So let’s get started.

Just in Sign Language

Watch the full video, which we’ve given below.

Don’t worry if the video moves too quickly for you. More details about each step are presented below.

BSL tutor in a normal posture

Step One: Start with a normal posture.

BSL tutor signing Just

Step Two: Raise your right hand.

Step Three: Touch your chest once using your dominant hand, as in the picture above.

Step Four: Say the word “just” while you are signing.


So that’s how we can say the word just in sign language. You can just write the words down if you can’t remember the sign, which will help you keep the sign in mind. You may learn and remember the differences between different signs by also drawing them. Try five times drawing each new sign you learn, along with the spoken English translation that goes with it.

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