NCFE Functional Skills English Level 1 Past Papers

Functional Skills English Level 1 is equivalent to a grade of 2-3 on the GCSE (E-D in the legacy system). Functional Skills English Level 1 is frequently required in college and university courses, as well as in various job requirements. Functional Skills English Level 1 also serves as a stepping stone to Level 2 and beyond. Here, you will find Functional Skills English Level 1 past papers assessed by Pearson Edexcel Exam Board, the most renowned, reliable, and accepted exam board.

You will be assessed on the following skills and knowledge:
Speaking, listening, and communication skills are tested through a 5-minute well-rounded presentation and related question-and-answer session in groups of three to four learners and a 15-minute formal discussion in groups of three to five. A test comprising of multiple-choice, short open answer, and medium open response questions are used to assess reading ability. Writing is graded on a two-task test, with access spelling, punctuation, and grammar accounting for 42% of the total.

However, each exam board has distinct schedules for each paper, mark distribution, and how much of your grade is based on each of the three competencies.

Past Papers

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NCFE Functional Skills English Level 1 Past Papers: At a Glance

Paper 1
30 Marks
1 Hour
Paper 2
40 Marks
1 Hour
70 Marks
2 Hours

Functional Skills English Level 1 Past Papers

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What topic areas are covered in the exam?

Edexcel (Pearson) functional skills maths level 2 papers use the same specification as most functional skills exam boards, all the content covered is contained within the following three topics:

  1. 1. Using numbers and the number system
  2. 2. Measures, shape and space
  3. 3. Handling information and data

It is imperative that you include all your workings and calculations, this enables you to gain method marks when you have used the correct method but have reached the wrong answer. Typically, the pass mark for Edexcel (Pearson) functional skills maths level 2 past papers is between 50% and 60%, which is between 32 and 38 marks.

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