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Functional Skills English Level 1 Online Course with Exam

Functional Skills English Level 1 Online Course with Exam


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Nationally Recognised

Nationally Recognised

Edexcel & NCFE Accredited

Ofqual Regulated

Ofqual Regulated

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Accepted by

UK Universities & Employer

Unlimited Tutor Support

Unlimited Tutor Support

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Get Result – Within 6 Working Days

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Get 1:1 Live Tutor Support

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This Course At A Glance

  • This qualification is equivalent to GCSE grades 1 to 3
  • Take the Exam from Home – Guaranteed Fast Track Results
  • Exam Booking within 2 Working Days of Enrolment
  • Remote Exam Online or Paper based both option available
  • Course Duration: 55 hours
  • Unlimited Access to Course Materials
  • Get Free Mock Tests & Free Past Papers
  • Extra 25% Time for people with Learning Difficulties
  • Both NCFE and Pearson Edexcel are OFQUAL regulated and nationally recognised

Exam slots are available 24*7 from Monday to Sunday. Book your remote online exam within 2 working days of enrolment for NCFE and within 7 working days for Pearson Edexcel. Contact us for more information.

Why is this course right for you?

Our expert designed Functional Skills English Level 1 Course has smart learning options that provide the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in Functional Skills English.

Whether you want to improve your literacy skills, our course is tailored to meet your specific needs and help you achieve your academic and career goals from the comfort of your home.

You also get the opportunity to book Live 1:1 tutor support via Zoom.

With interactive lessons, FREE mock test, personalised feedback and remote exams, our English Level 1 Course ensures a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

Course Details for Functional Skills English Level 1

You can decide the exam date and place according to your convenience.


  • Paper Based Exam– In the centre – Book within 15 days
  • On Screen Exam – In the centre – Book within 24 Hours
  • Remote Online Exam- From home – Book within 2 working days
  • Results – Get results in only 7 days

Pearson Edexcel –

  • Paper Based Exam- In the centre – Book within 15 days
  • On Screen Exam – In the centre – Book within 24 Hours
  • Remote Online Exam- From home – Book within 6 working days
  • Results – Get results in 15-20 days

*Offline examinations will be held at our Swindon and London centres. Please contact us for more information.

  • Both NCFE and Pearson Edexcel are OFQUAL regulated and nationally recognised; however, the only difference lies in the exam booking and result turn-around time.
  • You can book your remote online exam within 2 working days of enrolment for NCFE and within 6 working days for Pearson Edexcel.
  • You can get your NCFE results in 7 days and your Edexcel results in 15 to 20 days.
  • Both are accepted by universities and apprenticeships. This distinction allows learners to choose the awarding body that aligns best with their educational and career goals.

Unit 1: Speaking and Listening
The speaking and listening section entails comprehensive learning and activities, including presenting and narrating skills, argument presentation techniques, and more.

Unit 2: Reading
Learn to read a text with the help of scanning, skimming, detailed reading, and also, learn how to find organisational features’ purpose from the text.

Unit 3: Writing
The writing part will cover English grammar, including punctuation, spelling, syntax, etc. enabling you to avoid all the writing errors and mistakes.

This Level 1 Functional Skills English course will help you build a solid foundation in mathematics. Throughout the course, it will provide you with various learning materials and activities to enhance your understanding of these subjects.

  • Initial Assessment: To identify the current level of a student’s abilities and recommend the appropriate course to enrol in upon completion.
  • Diagnostic Assessment: Identifies skill gaps and produces an individual learning plan
  • Learning Resources: Comprehensive video tutorials, practice quizzes & topic-based tests
  • Progress Tracker: To record your progress in the course
  • Free Mock Test: Access our free mock test facility for professional feedback and to prepare for the final exam.

This level 1 English qualification is available to all students of all academic backgrounds; no experience or previous qualifications are required. However, you will require a laptop/desktop computer and a good internet connection.

The Pearson Edexcel and NCFE Functional Skills Qualification in English at Level 1 consist of 3 exams, these are Reading, Writing and Speaking, Listening and Communicating.

Speaking, Listening and Communicating

Speaking, listening and communicating are assessed through one 5-minute presentation and linked question and answer session in groups of three to four and one 15-minute formal discussions together in groups of three to five learners. This exam will be conducted via Zoom.

  • Duration = Up to 25 minutes
  • Number of marks = Pass/Fail


Reading is assessed through a test consisting of multiple-choice, short open-response and medium open-response questions.

  • Duration = 75 minutes
  • Number of marks = 35

Pass Mark: Learners are required to achieve an overall 65% mark to pass the English reading exam.

Writing is assessed through a test comprising two tasks. (42% of marks assess spelling, punctuation and grammar).

  • Duration = 60 minutes
  • Number of marks = 36

Pass Mark: Learners are required to achieve an overall 63% mark to pass the English writing exam.

This Functional Skills English Level 1 has been independently accredited by Pearson Edexcel and NCFE, also regulated by Ofqual. The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) is responsible for regulating qualifications, assessments, and examinations in England.

Pearson Edexcel is the most prestigious awarding body, for an academic and vocational qualifications. Pearson Edexcel qualifications are regulated by Ofqual and recognised by universities and employers across the world.

NCFE is a charity and awarding organisation that provides qualifications in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It is regulated by Ofqual in England and recognised in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Functional Skills in English at Level 1 are based on Department for Education (DfE) approved subject content, Nationally Recognised Qualifications and are regulated by Ofqual.


Upon successful completion of this Level 1 English Course with Exam, you will be awarded the Ofqual regulated nationally recognised Pearson Edexcel or NCFE Functional Skills Qualification in English at Level 1 (depending on what you choose as an accreditation). A certified hard copy of this qualification will be posted at your designated address that is valued and accepted by employers and universities across the globe as a standard qualification in English that is required to function in day-to-day activities. You can exhibit this qualification in your CV which will give you a competitive advantage over others in terms of securing a job. 


Course Reviews


Level 1 English equals a GCSE Grade 1 to 3 or D-G. This means that achieving a Level 1 qualification in English demonstrates a basic understanding and practical application of the English language, including reading, writing, and communication skills.

The advanced course of functional skills English level 1 is the level 2 English course. In the advanced course, you will learn English in depth.

Some universities may approve the functional skills English level 1 as an alternative to GCSEs or other qualifications, it ultimately depends on the specific university and its admissions policies. Therefore, it's best to check with the university's requirements. However, most universities usually require a higher level of English proficiency, like Functional Skills English level2 GCSE Grade C/4 in English.

Lead Academy's Pearson Edexcel and NCFE Qualifications in English Level 1 consist of internally marked speaking, listening, and communicating assessments and externally marked reading and writing assessments. The speaking and listening assessments include a 5-minute presentation and a 15-minute formal discussion in groups of three to five learners. The reading assessment lasts 75 minutes and consists of multiple-choice, short open-response, and medium open-response questions. The writing assessment, which includes tasks assessing spelling, punctuation, and grammar, lasts 60 minutes.

Functional English skills Level 1 is generally less complicated than GCSE English. The exam focuses on basic language skills and communication, emphasizing practical, real-world applications. The exam is designed to be accessible to many learners, including those who may have struggled with traditional classroom-based learning. However, it still requires a good understanding and proficiency in English, so preparing and practicing in advance is essential.

A Functional skills course develops for the one who wants to learn Math, English, and ICT for individual achievement in the daily workplace. On the other hand, GCSE focuses on theories and tests your academic ability.

A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email after payment. Hereafter anytime, you can start your learning journey with Lead Academy.

The professional body approves the procedures if any e-learning platform claims its courses are accredited.

You will only realize the benefit of having an accredited certificate once you face the corporate world. As employees, job places, and more value the accredited certificate, you must own this certificate by doing the course with us.

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