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Voice Controlling For Singer

Voice Controlling For Singer


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Duration: 941 Minutes
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This voice controlling course will enable you to gain the significant foundations of singing. You will understand how to train the muscles that are used to sing so that they are stronger and controlled through hands-on training and professional guidance.

This Course At A Glance:

  • Get ideas about warming up your vocal 
  • Learn breathing control techniques 
  • Receive 24/7 guidance from an expert  tutor 
  • Get lessons through interactive video training 
  • Study with laptop, desktop PC, tablet, or mobile phone
  • Get self-paced online learning 
  • Complete the course within 14  hours
  • Acquire a CPD UK accredited certificate upon completion
  • Perfect for beginners and aspiring singers who want to pursue a singing career 
  • Learn how to control pitch, singing vowels, consonants,vocal mass, tricks and more 

Why Voice Controlling For Singer Course right for you?

Are you unable to have an accurate control of your voice and want to understand the basic requirements ? This Voice Course will enable you to regain the control of your singing voice with a defined and precise training.

Yow will equip various tips and tricks on how to use voice control, vocal workout, one-on one songwork sessions with professiona tutors, vocal mode,nasal resonance and other exemplary skills. This voice course will boost your confidence in signing with in-demand live training and experiences.

This voice course is an accredited qualification by CPD UK, recognised by employers, professional organisations, and academic institutions. Your training provider will be able to advise you on any further recognition, for example, progression routes into further and/or higher education. For further information please visit the Learner FAQs on our website.

Voice Controlling Course for Singer Details

CPD Certification Service
CPD certificates are accepted by thousands of professional bodies and government regulators here in the UK and around the world. Many organisations look for employees with CPD requirements, which means, that by doing this course, you would be a potential candidate in your respective field.



  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Vocal Demo
  • Who is this Marius

Vocal Warm-Up

  • Introduction and Explanation Vocal Warm-up
  • Vocal Warm-Up

Breath Control

  • The Diaphragm and how to breathe correctly
  • Exercise Diaphragm Support
  • Exercise: Sssss
  • Exercise Ffffff
  • Exercise: N N aha
  • Pillar of Breath
  • Demo Voiced Wwww
  • Exercise Voiced Wwww
  • Exercise Aspirate Foo


  • Explanation: Posture
  • Demo: Correct Posture

Vocal Chord Closure

  • Explanation: Vocal Chord Closure
  • Singing With and Without Breath
  • Breath-in While Singing (Inhalation)
  • Exercise: ee, ay, ah, oh, oooo

The Lip-Roll

  • The Lip-Roll
  • Exercise: Lip-Roll 1
  • Exercise: Lip-Roll 2

Vocal Stretch

  • Introduction Vocal Stretch
  • Exercise Sirene on si-ng

The Singing Vowels

  • Introduction: The Singing Vowels
  • The ee-Vowel
  • Exercise: ee-Vowel
  • The ay-Vowel
  • Exercise: ay-Vowel
  • The ah-Vowel
  • Exercise: ah-Vowel
  • The oh-Vowel
  • Exercise: oh-Vowel
  • The oooo-Vowel
  • Exercise: oooo-Vowel
  • Other Vowels and Sounds


  • Consonants

The Volume-Knob

  • Explanation: Volume-Knob


  • Explanation: Open-Throat-Technique
  • Demo: Open-Throat
  • Exercise: Open-Throat

Your Tongue

  • Your Tongue or „your Tounge is a Bitchg”
  • Apple Bite (Embouchure)
  • Exercise: Apple Bite on ee
  • Exercise: Apple Bite on ay
  • Exercise: Apple Bite on ah
  • Exercise: Apple Bite on oh
  • Exercise: Apple Bite on ooo

Your Larynx

  • Your Larynx and Its Positions
  • Demo: Larynx Positions
  • Exercise: High Larynx

Vocal Mass

  • Vocal Mass
  • 1. Mode: Thin Vocal Mass
  • Exercise: Thin Vocal Mass ee
  • Exercise: Thin Vocal Mass ay
  • Exercise: Thin Vocal Mass ah
  • Exercise: Thin Vocal Mass oh
  • Exercise: Thin Vocal Mass ooo
  • 2. Mode: Full Vocal Mass
  • Exercise: Full Vocal Mass ee
  • Exercise: Full Vocal Mass ay
  • Exercise: Full Vocal Mass ah
  • Exercise: Full Vocal Mass oh
  • Exercise: Full Vocal Mass ooo
  • 3. Mode: Fine Vocal Mass
  • Exercise: Fine Vocal Mass ee
  • Exercise: Fine Vocal Mass ay
  • Exercise: Fine Vocal Mass ah
  • Exercise: Fine Vocal Mass oh
  • Exercise: Fine Vocal Mass ooo
  • Exercise: switching modes full-thin-full
  • Exercise: Switching Modes Thin-fine-thin


  • Explanation: Onsets
  • 1. Onset: Vocal Fry
  • 2. Onset: Aspirate Onset (hee)
  • Exercise: Aspirate Onset (hee)
  • Exercise: Aspirate Onset (hay)
  • Exercise: Aspirate Onset (hah)
  • Exercise: Aspirate Onset (hoh)
  • Exercise: Aspirate Onset (hooo)
  • 3. Onset: Glottal Onset (ee)
  • Exercise: Glottal Onset (ee)
  • Exercise: Glottal Onset (ay)
  • Exercise: Glottal Onset (ah)
  • Exercise: Glottal Onset (oh)
  • Exercise: Glottal Onset (ooo)
  • 4. Onset: Smooth Onset (yee)
  • Exercise: Smooth Onset (yee)
  • Exercise: Smooth Onset (yay)
  • Exercise: Smooth Onset (yah)
  • Exercise: Smooth Onset (yoh)
  • Exercise: Smooth Onset (yooo)


  • Explanation: Vibrato
  • Demo Vibrato via Pitch Bend
  • Exercise: Pitch Bend Vibrato
  • Demo: Vibrato via Vocal Stretch
  • Exercise: activating Vibrato Stretch

Nasal Resonance

  • Demo and explanation: Nasal Resonance
  • Exercise: Nasal Resonance with si-ng
  • Exercise: Ning-ee-ng
  • Use our Handout

1. Vocal Mode: Speech Level

  • What is Speech Level
  • Demo: Speech Level
  • Exercise: Speech Level (yee)
  • Exercise: Speech Level (yay)
  • Exercise: Speech Level (yah)
  • Exercise: Speech Level (yoh)
  • Exercise: Speech Level (yooo)
  • Song Example: Speech Level

Register Break (Passagio)

  • Demo and explanation: Register Break
  • Exercise: Sirene on Mmmmm low-high-low
  • Exercise: sighing high to low
  • Exercise: Vocal Fall on Hmmm high to low
  • Exercise: Ma-on-on-on
  • Exercise: Gig Gig Gig Gig
  • Exercise: Sirene on Jee

2. Vocal Mode: Falsetto

  • Explanation: Falsetto
  • Demo: Falsetto
  • Exercise: hee in Falsetto (hee)
  • Exercise: hee in Falsetto (hay)
  • Exercise: hee in Falsetto (hah)
  • Exercise: hee in Falsetto (hoh)
  • Exercise: hee in Falsetto (hooo)
  • Song Example: Falsetto

3.Vocal Mode: Vocal Twang

  • Explanation: Vocal Twang
  • Demo: Vocal Twang
  • Exercise: how to find Vocal Twang
  • Exercise: Vocal Twang on (ee)
  • Exercise: Vocal Twang on (ay)
  • Exercise: Vocal Twang on (ah)
  • Exercise: Vocal Twang on (oh)
  • Exercise: Vocal Twang on (ooo)
  • Exercise: Vocal Twang Kick-In
  • Exercise: Nae Nae Nae naenaenae Nae Nae Nae Nae
  • Song Example 1 in Twang
  • Song Example 2 in Twang


  • Head & Neck Anchoring
  • Torso Anchoring
  • Exercise: Head & Neck Anchoring Sirene
  • Exercise: Torso Anchoring Sirene
  • Exercise: Head and Neck + Torso Anchoring

4. Vocal Mode:Belting

  • Explanation: Belting
  • Demo: how to find Belting
  • Exercise: hey
  • Exercise: yay (high)
  • Exercise: Yay-Yay
  • Song Example: Belting

5. Vocal Mode: Sob

  • Explanation: Sob
  • Demo: How to Find Sob
  • Exercise: Sob on (Yee)
  • Exercise: Sob on (yay)
  • Exercise: Sob on (yah)
  • Exercise: Sob on (yoh)
  • Exercise: Sob on (yoo)
  • Exercise: Decrescendo With Sob on (Yee)
  • Song Example: Sob

6. Vocal Mode: Opera

  • Explanation: Opera
  • Demo: How to Find Opera
  • Exercise: Opera on yee Downwards
  • Exercise: Opera on yay Downwards
  • Exercise: Opera on yah Downwards
  • Exercise: Opera on yoh Downwards
  • Exercise: Opera on yooo Downwards
  • Exercise: Opera on yee Octaves
  • Exercise: Opera on yay Octaves
  • Exercise: Opera on yah Octaves
  • Exercise: Opera on yooo Octaves
  • Song Example: Opera

7. Vocal Mode: Mix(ed)

  • Explanation: Mix Voice
  • Mix Voice Technique
  • Exercise: Lip-Roll
  • Exercise: Gi Gi Gi
  • Exercise: Nay Nay Nay
  • Exercise: Mum-Mum-Mum
  • Exercise: Miau-Miau-Miau-Miau
  • Exercise: Bub-Bub-Bub-Bub
  • Song Example 1 in Mix
  • Song Example 2 in Mix

Vocal Effects

  • Vocal Distortion
  • Vocal Distortion Demo
  • Exercise: Vocal Distortion on hey
  • Compression/Inhale
  • Compression Demo
  • Exercise: Compression in yee
  • Rattle/Fry
  • Rattle/Fry Demo
  • Exercise Rattle/Fry on yee
  • How to Use Vocal Effects

Vocal Tricks

  • Introduction: What Are Vocal Tricks
  • Nasal Resonance as Vocal Trick
  • Twang as Vocal Trick
  • Humming/Nasal Resonance for Fade-Outs/Thin-Outs
  • Falsetto for Thin-Out
  • Aspirate Onset/Singing with air as Vocal Trick

Tips and Tricks on How to Use Voice Control 1

  • How to Use the Vocal Modes and the Different Building Blocks


  • Introduction
  • Example 1: Molly Malone
  • Instrumental: Molly Malone
  • Example 2: Auld Lang Syne
  • Instrumental 2: Auld Lang Syne
  • Example 3: Amazing Grace
  • Instrumental 3: Amazing Grace
  • One-on-one Coaching With Josh
  • One-on-One Coaching with Vroni
  • One-on-one Coaching With Joel

Final Tips and Tricks for Future Singers

  • Introduction Q&A
  • How to Get More Repertoire and What Songs Should I Learn
  • How Do I Practice Properly
  • I’m Singing in a Band. Any Advice
  • Best Advices for Singers on Stage
  • Should I Learn/play an Instrument
  • Is Coffee/alcohol Bad for My Voice
  • Vocalcoaching for Kids
  • Is Sports Important for Singing
  • The Best Vowel for Vocal Distortion
  • Should I Practice on a Daily Basis
  • How Can I Control My Progress
  • Hoarseness After Singing. What Can I Do
  • Private School or University
  • Ambition Vs. Talent
  • How to Sell My Music
  • How to Write a Great Song
  • What to Do Against a Writer’s Block
  • Highlights as a Singer
  • Who Was Your Teacher. Do You Have a Mentor.
  • What I Wish I Had Known as a Beginner
  • Best Advice I Got in the Beginning
  • Did Your Practice Routine Change Through the Years
  • How is Your Job as a Singer Affected Through the Pandemic/covid 19


  • Vocal Warm Up
  • Vocal Workout
  • Vocal Cool Down

This comprehensive voice controlling course is suitable for anyone looking to improve their job prospects or aspiring to accelerate their career in this sector and want to gain in-depth knowledge of voice controlling.

  • There are no academic entry requirements for this voice controlling course, and it is open to students of all academic backgrounds.
  • As long as you are seventeen or over and have a basic grasp of English, numeracy and ICT, you will be eligible to enrol.

Contact us for more information.

Certificate of Achievement from Lead Academy

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