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Paediatric First Aid Course Online

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Paediatric First Aid Course Online
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  • Self-Paced Online Learning
  • Course Duration: 0 Hours
  • Course Duration: 1 hours 55 minutes
  • High-Quality Study Materials
  • CPD Approved Member
  • Recommended by 97% of Students
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This comprehensive Paediatric First Aid Course is designed to equip you with the theoretical knowledge, skills and confidence to aid injured people in the event of an emergency situation until further assistance is available. This course will teach you the art of converting basic household items into tools if you don’t have access to a first aid kit, allowing you to deal with a variety of circumstances occurring at any place. In addition to that, you will also learn how to design an emergency plan, assess a situation, and provide basic Life Support for a range of other major and minor illnesses and injuries. Above all, you will acquire a sense of awareness to keep yourself and the people around you safe from fatalities and accidents that can result in permanent damage with no cure.

A recent statistic released by St John’s Ambulance has revealed that 140’000 people die each year in the UK from incidents where first aid could have possibly saved their lives. In addition to that, almost two-thirds of people (59%) within the UK wouldn’t feel confident enough even to try and save a life, and a further quarter of these people (24%) would do nothing and wait for an ambulance to arrive or even hope that a passerby would know the correct first aid required. Therefore, it is extremely important to have knowledge about first aid, which will boost your confidence level to gear up and take action during any life-threatening situation that could possibly save someone’s life.

However, having theoretical knowledge of paediatric first aid is not enough to be considered competent in this field. To complete this training, it is crucial for you to have the ability to showcase practical demonstrations in some areas.

Upon successful completion of this Paediatric First Aid Course, you will be able to handle any emergency or life-threatening situation with effective Paediatric First Aid assistance that can potentially save lives.

Course Highlights

  • In line with the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981
  • Designed by expert health and safety professionals
  • Accredited by the CPD Certification Service 
  • Approved by IIRSM
  • Self-Paced Online Distance Learning 
  • High-Quality E-Learning Study Materials
  • Approximate duration of about 1 hours 55 minutes

Who is this Paediatric First Aid Course Online for? 

This extensive Paediatric First Aid Course is aimed at:

  • Teacher 
  • Nurse
  • Sports Coach
  • Club leaders
  • Professional childminders
  • Anyone working with children and infants

Whether you are a professional or an aspiring individual seeking to gain extensive knowledge and skills in Paediatric First Aid to create a safe environment for yourself and the people you work with on a regular basis, this course will set you up with the appropriate knowledge and credentials to promote a sense of safety and provide immediate assistance to those in need.

Aims and Learning Outcomes of this Paediatric First Aid Course Online 

By the end of this Paediatric First Aid Course, you will:

  • Understand what first aid is, its objectives and its necessities 
  • Have the confidence to deal with paediatric first aid situations
  • Understand the role, responsibilities and qualities of first aiders
  • Learn how to respond to situations where a child or infant has suffered an injury or illness
  • Learn how to plan and prepare for emergency situations you may encounter while working with children and infants 
  • Understand how to assess an emergency situation and initiate action accordingly 
  • Understand how to apply the essential first aid knowledge and skills in a childcare environment 
  • Understand what life support is and how to administer it to children and infants 
  • Acquire knowledge about the resuscitation guidelines provided by the UK Resuscitation Council 
  • Understand how to use automated external defibrillators as a life saving measure 
  • Identify various types of fractures (including skull and spinal injuries) and know how to deal with it 
  • Learn how to treat injuries that result in shock (including electric shock and anaphylactic shock), external and internal bleeding 
  • Learn about specific medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, seizures and meningitis  and how they affect children and infants 
  • Learn how to control and aid minor injuries and mishaps that can affect children and infants 
  • Learn to develop and implement paediatric aid procedures 

Recognised Accreditation

This Paediatric First Aid Course is accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and IIRSM. 

CPD is globally recognised by employers, professional organisations, and academic intuitions, thus a certificate from CPD Certification Service creates value towards your professional goal and achievement. IIRSM’s approval process evaluates a course’s learning experience and technical content, the competence of any subject matter experts participating in course development, and the course quality to verify that it satisfies their quality criteria. 

CPD and Institute of Hospitality endorsed certificates are accepted by thousands of professional bodies and government regulators here in the UK and around the world. Many organisations look for employees with CPD requirements, which means, that by doing the Paediatric First Aid Course, you would be a potential candidate in your respective field.

Accredited by The CPD Certification Service

Entry Requirements

  • There are no academic entry requirements for this Paediatric First Aid Course Online course, and it is open to students of all academic backgrounds.
  • However, you are required to have a laptop/desktop/tablet or smartphone and a good internet connection.

Assessment Method 

This Paediatric First Aid Course assesses learners through multiple choice questions (MCQs). Upon successful completion of each module, learners must answer MCQs to step into the next module. Through the MCQs it is measured how much a learner could grasp from each section. In the assessment pass mark is 75%.

Valuable Certification 

On completion of the Paediatric First Aid Course, you will be eligible to download CPD accredited free electronic certificate instantly. There is a minimal shipping charge applicable to get the hardcopy course completion certificate which is:

  • Shipment Inside the UK = £5.99
  • International Shipment = £16.99

Why you should buy this course from Lead Academy? 

Incredible Support 

We persistently make sure that you have an easy and comfortable experience. You can access the following support upon purchasing this course:

  • Customer support: We have active customer support in the form of live chat that you can access and enjoy 24/7.
  • Tutor support: With all of our courses, you’ll receive access to our committed and dedicated tutor support benefit whenever you require it. You can email us with your query and our wide range of experienced and expert tutors will address your concern accordingly

We Are Unbeaten By Price And Quality

  • Quality worth the price: We assure you to provide the best experience in accordance with the value you are paying for the course.
  • Money-back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the quality of the course, we have a money-back guarantee option. This option is subject to the time limit of 14 days (according to the terms and conditions).
  • Instalment facility: If your course costs above £50, you can also access the instalment option to pay your amount with 3 instalments.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Paediatric First Aid
Module 2: Planning and Preparation
Module 3: Essential First Aid Knowledge and Skills
Module 4: Basic Life Support
Module 5: Fractures and Head Injuries
Module 6: Shock, Bleeding and Dressing Wounds
Module 7: Specific Medical Conditions
Module 8: Minor Injuries
Module 9: First Aid Documentation and First Aid Kits
Obtain Your Certificate of Completion
Obtain Your Certificate of Completion 00:00:00


Paediatric First Aid Course Online
  • £25.00 (Ex. VAT)
  • Self-Paced Online Learning
  • Course Duration: 0 Hours
  • Course Duration: 1 hours 55 minutes
  • High-Quality Study Materials
  • CPD Approved Member
  • Recommended by 97% of Students
  • Instant Access 24/7
  • 763 Students Enrolled




14 Days Money Back Guarantee

  • £25.00 (Ex. VAT)
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