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N in Sign Language – Video & Image Included


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Today we’ll learn the letter N in sign language. Since we’re talking about a letter, we’ll explain the differences between the spoken and sign language alphabet.

There are differences between the sign language families. For example, the sign for the number N in British Sign Language BSL and American Sign Language ASL is different.

In order to keep this case short, we’ll simply discuss BSL today.

But first, let me explain the idea of fingerspelling so you can have a deeper knowledge of what we’re going to talk about today.

After that, we’ll move on to our main topic.


If you are a part of the deaf community or have experience working with deaf people, you may be familiar with the ideas of the sign language alphabet and fingerspelling.

You can learn to sign letters by finger-spelling. It consists of a set of hand gestures used to spell words or individual letters. This idea has a clear connection to the letter N.

The letter N is written in sign language using hand gestures, much way it is in spoken languages. Since the letter N doesn’t have any particular signals linked with it, we must learn the gestures that go along with it so that we can use them later to spell out things like people’s names.

One of the most important aspects of sign language is finger spelling. They are excellent for communicating because of their adaptability.

So, let’s move on to how to write the letter N in BSL.

N in Sign Language Alphabet

What is N in sign language?

As we’ve already mentioned, each sign language represents the letter N differently; this blog will just cover the BSL N alphabet.

We have a high-quality video on how to do n sign with fingers. Please watch it first.

Watch how to sign ‘N’ in British Sign Language

Please follow the instructions given below to continue.

BSL tutor seated in a blue background room with a normal posture

1. Start with a normal posture, facing the person you’re going to talk with.

BSL tutor seated with his left hand raised palm facing upwards and index finger of right hand on the left palm

2. Place two fingers (middle and index finger) of the left hand on top of the right hand, palm facing upwards.

3. As you make the sign, pronounce the letter.


So, that’s how we sign N in British Sign Language. Another thing to keep in mind is always to have a beautiful smile. People can connect more easily when they smile. Even if you’re not speaking aloud, smiling has the same impact on all conversations. This also applies to nonverbal communication, like sign language.

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