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J in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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What is the letter J in sign language? How to say J in sign language or rather spell J? If you’re not aware, letters of the alphabet have a unique way of expression in sign language. That’s what we’re going to discuss today.

The concept of the sign language alphabet and fingerspelling may be familiar to you if you are a member of the deaf community or have interacted with deaf people.


Fingerspelling teaches you how to sign a letter. It is a set of hand gestures that are used to spell words or individual letters. This concept is closely related to the sign of J.

Compared to every other aspect of spoken language, finger spelling is unique. One of the reasons we sometimes need to use these manual alphabets is word order. We often come across new words and may not be familiar with their signs. For example, the names of people don’t have a unique sign for them.

Therefore, fingerspelling is useful in these situations where we need to spell out unfamiliar words or names of people.

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J in Sign Language

So, what is S in sign language?

We have an entire video on how to do S in sign language. Please watch it first.


Please note that we will only be discussing British Sign Language (BSL) in this article. It is a two-handed sign language, as opposed to American Sign Language ASL. That means that you’ll be conversing with both hands.

You’ll be using your dominant hand for one movement and the non-dominant hand for assisting motions. The base hand is another term sometimes used to refer to the non-dominant hand. When signing, never change to the other hand. Doing this will make your words meaningless.

Now, follow the steps given below.

A BSL interpreter in a normal posture

  • Start with a normal posture.

A BSL interpreter touching her index finger with the index finger of other hand

  • Raise both of your hands.
  • Now connect the index finger of your right hand with the index finger of your left hand.

A BSL interpreter signing J

  • Now slowly rub the index finger of your right hand from the index finger of your left hand to your thumb, as shown in the picture above.
  • Pronounce the letter while doing its sign.


So, that’s how we sign J in British Sign Language. Another important thing to remember is to keep a lovely smile on your face. Smiles help individuals connect more quickly.

Although you’re not conversing vocally, smiles have the same effect on any form of conversation. This includes non-verbal communication too.

Also, check that the person with whom you are speaking can see you clearly. Furthermore, you must practice the sign on a regular basis if you want to learn it; otherwise, you risk losing it from your memory over time.

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