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E in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Today, we’re going to learn how to say E in sign language. You’re not going to say it as much as you’re going to spell it.

The way we spell individual letters in sign language is called fingerspelling. Depending on the sign language, it may change. But today, we’ll only talk about British Sign Language or BSL.

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So let’s begin.

E in Sign Language

Watch the full video, which is given below.

If it moves too fast for you, don’t worry. Below, we’ll go into more detail about each step.

Before we start, keep in mind that BSL is a two-handed sign language. That means you’ll use both hands to communicate.

There are different signs where we create one motion with our dominant hand and complete the sign with supporting motions using our non-dominant hand. Never change to your other hand while holding a sign. The person you are conversing with will become confused as a result.

Do the following now.

BSL interpreter sitting

  • Start with a normal posture.

BSL interpreter signing E

  • Raise both of your hands.
  • Now connect the index fingers of both your hands together and create an “A” shape just like the above picture.
  • Say the letter as you’re signing it. That’s the fingerspelling process for the letter ‘E’ in BSL.


So, that’s how we sign J in British Sign Language. Make sure the person with who you are conversing can see you clearly.

Anyone can easily misunderstand the message if the signer’s gestures are not clearly visible. If you want to learn the sign, you must regularly practise; otherwise, you run the risk of forgetting it over time.

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