Face-to-Face Training Session
Face-to-Face Training Session

Live training ensures the maximum effectiveness of your learning.

4 Instalment Plan on Checkout
4 Instalment Plan on Checkout

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Learn From Industry Expert
Learn From Industry Expert

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Phlebotomy Training - London

Our phlebotomy training helps people to get trained and work as phlebotomists in private & public healthcare organisations.

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Classroom sessionClassroom Session

  • You will study theoretical part online, and practical session in a physical classroom
  • Gain real life experienced and support from industry experienced tutor
  • Get chance to interact with fellow professionals and get certified
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25A Wincott Street, Kennington, SE11 4NT

September 30, 2023
10:00 AM - 05:30 PM
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October 14, 2023
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Classroom sessionIn-House

  • Corporate Companies that wish to train their entire workforce
  • Learn the most in-demand skills
  • We provide tailored course based on your requirements to train your employees

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Course Fee


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Face to Face Training Session
Face to Face Training Session
3 Instalment Plan on checkout
7 hours
7 Hours 30 Min
Learn From Industry Expert
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Course Highlights
  • You will be given ample opportunity to practise on the manikins
  • Face to Face Practical Training
  • National Occupational Standard for Obtaining Venous Blood Sample
  • Demonstrate appropriate infection control principles when performing training
  • 3 Hour of Remote Theoretical Learning
  • 8 Hours of Face-to-Face Training Sessions at London Centre
  • Once confident at taking blood from the manikin you will have the opportunity to take blood from a fellow participant with consent.
  • Accredited by the CPD Certification
  • Designed by expert healthcare professionals.


Are you a fresher and looking to start your career as a phlebotomist or are you currently employed in the healthcare profession and looking to expand your phlebotomy skills in order to build a rewarding career in this field? Or simply want to understand the blood collection procedure and gather skills to handle and transport specimens securely. This comprehensive phlebotomy course online is ideal for you!

This extensive course covers the following credentials:
  • Venepuncture process
  • Vial labelling
  • Blood-taking techniques
  • Safety protocols,
  • Needle safety techniques
  • Processing of blood samples
  • Prioritising patients
  • System of needle measurement
  • Maintaining the accuracy of specimen labels
  • Controlling and preventing infection
  • Techniques for preserving clinical proficiency
  • Legal repercussions of bad behaviour
  • Causes of infection and needed records
  • Identify the veins used for Venepuncture (Phlebotomy)
  • Solving issues might arise during the actual operation
Classroom-Based Phlebotomy Training Course

To ensure effective training, our classroom-based learning is divided into two parts:

Remote theoretical learning (online)

For the first part of our phlebotomy course online, we provide in-depth theoretical learning which you can complete from the comfort of your home. You can go on to the practical learning portion once the coursework and assessments have been successfully completed.

Face-to-face practical learning (designated London-based office)

As part of the practical training, you will receive practical demonstrations and hands-on experience to justify your role.

The practical learning part is divided into two learning slots with each weighing 4 hours of time:

  • First 4 hours session: Through practical demonstration using a mannikins, you will be taught how to smoothly draw blood, reduce risks, and control the patient’s reaction.
  • Last 4 hours of sessions: You will then have the chance to draw blood from fellow participants with consent while being closely supervised.
Who is this Phlebotomy Training Course for?

This phlebotomy course is primarily aimed at:

  • Phlebotomists
  • Health Visitors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Nurses, midwives, phramcists and doctors
  • Freshers looking to begin their career as a phlebotomist
  • Anyone looking to enhance their blood-sampling skills

Whether you are a fresher looking to kickstart your career in the field of phlebotomy or a practicing healthcare looking to enhance your phlebotomy skills, this course will help you achieve your professional aspirations by all means.

Entry Requirements There are no academic entry requirements for this online phlebotomy course, and it is open to students of all academic backgrounds.

Entry Requirements
  • There are no academic entry requirements for this blood taking course, and it is open to students of all academic backgrounds.
  • However, you are required to have a laptop/desktop/tablet or smartphone and a good internet connection.
Assessment Method

In this phlebotomy course learners will be assessed through observation. That means during the practical training you will be observed by the supervisor/trainer. Upon successful demonstration of blood sampling and blood draw, you will be awarded a CPD-accredited certificate that is accepted by thousands of professional bodies and government regulators here in the UK and around the world. 

We also offer face-to-face practical training for Cannulation Training, Catheterisation Training, and Advanced / Competency Phlebotomy Training

Recognised Accreditation

This phlebotomy course is accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD). CPD is globally recognised by employers, professional organisations and academic intuitions, thus a certificate from CPD Certification Service creates value towards your professional goal and achievement.

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CPD-certified certificates are accepted by thousands of professional bodies and government regulators here in the UK and around the world. Many organisations look for employees with CPD requirements, which means, that by doing the phlebotomy course, you would be a potential candidate in your respective field.

Course CurricuIum

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Steps Before Withdrawing Blood (Venepuncture)
Module 3: Basic Anatomy Lessons
Module 4: Dos and Donts for Vein Selection
Module 5: Preparation for Venepuncture
Module 6: Managing Patient’s Expectations
Module 7: Complications Issues during Venipuncture
Module 8: Processing of Blood Samples
Module 9: Conclusion

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is phlebotomy training?

This training is practically based on theory and practical work involving taking blood from different patient groups.

How long is phlebotomy training?

The phlebotomy training offered by Lead Academy lasts only one day. You will have online training for 3 hours and face-to-face training for 8 hours. During the online training, you will learn about the theoretical aspects of phlebotomy, including anatomy and safety protocols. The face-to-face training will provide hands-on experience in performing blood draws under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Is this training specialists accredited?

Yes, the Phlebotomy training at Lead Academy is accredited by CPD, which means that it meets the highest standards of quality and professionalism. This accreditation ensures that the training programme is recognised and respected within the healthcare industry.

Is this training approved by the NHS?

Yes, this course is approved by the NHS, which means it meets their standards and requirements for healthcare professionals. This approval adds credibility to your qualifications and increases your chances of employment within the NHS.

How much is phlebotomy training?

This training normally starts at £249; however you can join a budget-friendly course starting at only £155 at Lead Academy, which will give you a certified qualification.

Where can I get phlebotomy training?

You should enrol in Lead Academy’s Phlebotomy Course, which provides a CPD UK accredited certificate at the most competitive price.

How to apply for phlebotomy training?

Enrollment in this training is very straightforward. You can easily access the course by simply adding it to your cart and paying for it.

Is learning phlebotomy hard?

When you enrol with Lead Academy, you get hands-on experience under the guidance of experts, which makes the whole process very easy and exciting.

Can I get a Job after this training?

Our training is accredited by CPD, which means that upon completion of the course, you will receive a UK accredited certificate that is recognised by employers. This increases your chances of finding employment in the field of phlebotomy. You can further enrol in the Advanced / Competency Phlebotomy Training at Lead Academy and practise drawing blood in clinical settings to increase your job prospects.

To check the available job you can visit NHS Jobs.


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