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Medical Laboratory Technician Course Online

Medical Laboratory Technician Course Online


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If you are contemplating pursuing a career as a medical laboratory technician, we invite you to join our Laboratory Technician Course. This in-house course will prepare you with expert training and relevant practices, enabling you to gain proficient and quality assurance skills to maintain safety protocols in laboratory settings. Start today to acquire your CPD accreditation and highlight your area of expertise to your future employers.

This Course At a Glance

  • Accredited by CPD UK
  • Expert-created course module
  • Get trained by industry experts
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a laboratory technician
  • Explore medical laboratory services to comprehend the profession
  • Gain skills in laboratory equipment to use them safely and effectively
  • Learn how to use microscopes appropriately to get accurate results
  • Develop competency in sterilisation, disinfection, and decontamination
  • Acquire knowledge in Haematology, immunology, and urinalysis
  • Get insights about Internal Quality Control (IQC) and External Quality Assessment (EQA)

Medical Laboratory Technician Course Online – CPD Certified

Are you aiming to become a professional medical laboratory technician and bring out the best outcomes in the diagnosis and treatment of patients in the UK? Join our Medical Laboratory Technician Course Online – CPD Certified and explore the spectrum of medical lab technicians with the help of expert insights and interactive lessons.

This CPD-accredited course equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in a laboratory working environment. From understanding laboratory equipment, including microscopy, to mastering clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, and parasitology, you will be guided through immersive lessons. This in-house course is your pathway to proficiency and the effective performance of specialised scientific tests.

By enrolling in our Laboratory Technician Course, you will gain excellent time management and imperative skills, enhancing efficacy and leading towards a rewarding career.

Medical Laboratory Technician Course Details

CPD Certification Service
CPD certificates are accepted by thousands of professional bodies and government regulators here in the UK and around the world. Many organisations look for employees with CPD requirements, which means, that by doing this course, you would be a potential candidate in your respective field.


Module 1. Introduction

  • In this introductory module, you will learn the roles and responsibilities of a laboratory technician and day-to-day tasks. Therefore, you will learn about qualifications, skills, employers, working environment and more.

Module 2.Medical Laboratory Services

  • In this module, you will gain knowledge about blood banking and haematology. You will also learn about histology, biochemistry, immunology, urinalysis, and cytology testing.

Module 3. Laboratory Equipments (Part-01)

  • In this module, you will learn about autoclaves and centrifuges. Here, you will also learn about electrical equipment, electromagnetic equipment and furnaces.

Module 4. Laboratory Equipments (Part-02)

  • In this module, you will get insights about glassware and pressure systems. Therefore, you will also learn about refrigeration equipment, ultrasonic Equipment, and vacuum equipment.

Module 5. Microscope and How to Use It

  • In this module, you will learn the setup of the microscope and the earpieces. Here, you will also learn how to use oil immersion, reset the station, and more.

Module 6. Solutions Used in Clinical/Medical Laboratory

  • In this module, you will gain a comprehension of standard solutions, including their characteristics. Here, you will also learn primary standard solutions, secondary standard solutions, and other essential aspects.

Module 7. Sterilisation, Disinfection and Decontamination

  • In this module, you will gain knowledge in sterilisation, disinfection, and decontamination.

Module 8. Basic Haematology

  • In this module, you will learn about anaemia and iron deficiency. Moreover, you will also gain knowledge about low white cell count, high white cell count, low platelet count, high platelet count, and more essential concepts.

Module 9. Basic Haemostasis

  • In this module, you will get an overview of Haemostasis and its components. Here, you will also learn about the coagulation pathway, the cell-based model of Haemostasis, and coagulation inhibitors.

Module 10. Basic Immunology and Immunohematology

  • In this module, you will learn the definitions of antigen, immunogen, and antibody, as well as how an antibody kills a virus. Here, you will also learn about cells of the acquired immune system, Lymphocyte antigen receptors, generation of clonal diversity in lymphocytes, and more.

Module 11. Urinalysis

  • In this module, you will learn the definitions, types of specimens collected, and the procedure. Therefore, you will also learn specimen forms, urinalysis machines, and more essential aspects.

Module 12.Basic Clinical Chemistry

  • In this module, you will gain knowledge about the kidneys and the liver. Here, you will also learn about metabolic disorders, disorders of carbohydrate metabolism, inherited metabolic disease, and more.

Module 13.Basic Clinical Microbiology

  • In this module, you will be introduced to bacteriology, virology, and mycology. Furthermore, you will also learn about HIV and AIDS, Endocarditis, central nervous system infections, and others.

Module 14. Basic Parasitology

  • In this module, you will gain comprehension of Intestinal Protozoa and Malaria. Here, you will also learn about Gut helminths and Tissue helminths.

Module 15. Laboratory Accidents and Safety

  • In this module, you will understand laboratory hazards to perform risk assessment. Here, you will also gain good laboratory practices and principles, and more. 

Module 16. Quality Assurance

  • In this module, you will gain knowledge about Internal Quality Control (IQC) and External Quality Assessment (EQA). Here, you will also learn how to measure performance, audit performance, and review performance.

Module 17. Conclusion

  • In this module, you will learn that Laboratory technicians perform specialised scientific tests, often for technical or diagnostic purposes. You will also learn why Lab safety is extremely important, as laboratory technicians often handle hazardous materials and expensive equipment.

This Medical Lab Technician Certification course is suitable for individuals who want to become a professional medical laboratory technician, upgrade their skills, gain laboratory proficiency, master laboratory equipment or get started with a medical laboratory technician career.

  • There are no academic entry requirements for this Lab Technician Course and it is open to students of all academic backgrounds.
  • However, you are required to have a laptop/desktop/tablet or smartphone and a good internet connection.

On the assessment round, you will participate in the MCQ test to examine your learning from this course. After completing the Medical Lab Technician Certification modules, learners must answer MCQs to complete the assessment procedure.

  • The MCQ test measures how much a learner can grasp from each section.
  • In the assessment test, you must get 60% as a pass mark.

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Certificate of Achievement from Lead Academy

CPD Certificate
After successfully passing the MCQ exam, you will be eligible to order your certificate of achievement as proof of your new skill. You will get the CPD-accredited PDF certificate free of cost, which is included with the course. There is an additional fee to obtain a printed copy of the CPD-accredited certificate, which is £35.

Success Stories

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To become a great lab technician, it is essential to have a strong foundation in science and research. Since most of their tasks involve working with chemistry, biology, and physiology, it is necessary to comprehend these subjects fully. However, having a genuine interest and passion for these fields can make you an exceptional technician.

As a medical laboratory technician, you will work in a laboratory setting, using sophisticated equipment and technology to analyse samples and generate data. By choosing this career path, you will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of countless patients without having to work directly with them. .

Our in-house Laboratory Technician course program aims to provide you with diverse experience, including highly sought-after knowledge and skills This course will help you acknowledge your potential and develop professionally with comprehensive and expert-led guidance. Upon completion of this course, you will acquire a CPD UK-accredited certificate, which will showcase your expertise and highlight your skills as a professional laboratory technician to your future employers.

The course is typically delivered online through our Lead Academy’s learning platform, where you can access all the course materials and assignments at your own pace.

This Lab Technician Course is accredited by CPD UK, which employers and professional organisations across the globe recognise. So, upon completing this course, the chances of getting a job will increase with such qualifications as it will serve an additional merit to your profile.

Yes, you will get the course materials while doing the course. The instructor will send the materials as necessary as the lecture videos. However, you must pay a minimal amount for the course materials.

For a CPD-accredited PDF certificate, it will take 24 hours, however, for the hardcopy CPD certificate takes 5-7 business days.

Surely! You can access any Lead Academy course from anywhere in the world at any time.

There's no need to worry if you didn't pass the exam or didn't get the required score. You can always retake the exam with better preparation.

You can browse our website to discover all the available options and find the perfect one for your career advancement. However, if you want to pursue your career in pharmacy compounding or pharmacy setting as well , we recommend you join our Non-Sterile Compounding Training Course Online and gain the necessary skills along with a recognised certificate.

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