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V in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Today, we’re going to learn how to spell V in sign language. You may be wondering why we used the term ‘spell’ instead of ‘say.’

This is because of the fact that learning British Sign Language (BSL) or other sign languages, such as American Sign Language (ASL), needs us to do just that. Let us clarify.

The concept of the sign language alphabet may be familiar to you if you are a member of the deaf community or have interacted with deaf people.

A set of hand gestures are used to spell words or specific letters in it. We’ll need to use these fingerspelling alphabets to sign the letter “V.”

Fingerspelling is distinct from all other aspects of spoken language. We sometimes need to use these manual alphabets because of word order.

So let’s dive into our main topic today. We’ll just be talking about BSL today.

V in Sign Language

Check out the linked video below.

If it moves too quickly for you, don’t worry. Next, we’ll go into full depth about each step.


Before we start, remember that BSL is a two-handed sign language. That means that you’ll be communicating with both hands.

When presenting certain signs, we sometimes use our dominant hand for one motion and our non-dominant hand for supporting movements. Never sign with a different dominant hand. The person you’re conversing with will become confused by this.

Follow the steps given below to continue.


BSL interpreter in general posture

  • Start with a normal posture.

BSL interpreter with both the hand raised in V shape

  • Now raise both of your hands.
  • Create a “V” shape with the index finger and the middle finger of your right hand.
  • Also, open all the fingers of your left hand.

BSL interpreter signing V

  • Now connect your right hand with your left hand, as shown in the picture above.
  • Pronounce the letter as you’re signing it.


So, that’s how we sign V in British Sign Language. Ensure that the other person can see you clearly before you start a conversation. Anyone can easily misunderstand the message if the signer’s gestures are not clear.

To learn the sign, you must consistently practise it; otherwise, you run the risk of forgetting it over time. Keep a lovely smile on your face as well. People connect more easily when they smile.

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