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Sit in Sign Language – Video and Image Included

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When a guest comes to your house, asking them to sit is basic etiquette. Even at a restaurant, we are asked to be seated by the staff simply with a hand gesture. However, this is not how you say “sit” in sign language while communicating with someone with hearing problems.

Hence, today’s blog will teach how to sign ‘sit’ in British Sign Language.

Sit in Sign Language

Here is a video of a woman signing ‘sit’ to help you out.

Watch the video linked above at least once before you start doing it yourself. Try to observe what the woman is doing closely.

You can see that you need both hands to sign ‘sit’ in British Sign Language.

British Sign Language Teacher with one hand above the other

1. Stretch both hands out and bring them in front of your neck.

2. Then straighten your fingers and lay one hand on the other (right on top of the left). Make sure to leave space in between.

BSL tutor with both hands attached

3. Slowly bring your hands down but just a small distance. While doing this, make sure both hands are attached.

Now that you have learnt to sign ‘sit’, you can use it confidently. However, it would be best if you practised it several times. If needed, watch the video again and practice the hand gestures simultaneously.


So, that’s how you say “sit” in sign language, more specifically, British Sign Language. Hopefully, this small guide was helpful in building your British Sign Language skills. You can check out our available British Sign Language Courses to learn more.

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