A&A Training adheres to the UK Core Skills Training Framework standards for mandatory training

Mandatory training topics include:

Mandatory training for specific roles

Administration of medication

Administration of medication in Schools (NR27160)

This e-learning provides staff with essential information and training on the administration of medication to students. It is mandatory training for staff who are required to administer medication to students.

Enrolment and deliveryEnrol in MyPL (2 hours)

Required: On commencement. Mandatory for staff prior to administrating prescribed medication to students.

Timing: Every 3 years

Anti-Racism Contact Officer (ARCO)

Anti-Racism Contact Officer (ARCO) blended online training course (NR00129)

All schools are required to have a trained Anti-Racism Contact Officer (ARCO). Nominated ARCOs must complete this mandatory 10 hour blended online course over a 6 week period. 

Enrolment and deliveryEnrol in MyPL (10 hours) 

Required: On nomination

Timing: Refresher training every 4 years.

Chemical Safety in Schools

Chemical Safety in Schools (CSIS)

Mandatory training is dependent on the role and contact with chemicals. It is required for employees who:

  • use, handle, generate or store hazardous chemicals

  • operate, test, maintain, repair or decommission a storage or handling system for a hazardous chemical, and/or

  • are likely to be exposed to a hazardous chemical

Enrolment and delivery: Self-paced or face-to-face options are available via the Chemical Safety in Schools Package website.

Required: On commencement

Timing: As required

Cyber Security NSW Essentials Plus training (mandatory from Term 1 2022)

Cyber Security NSW Essentials Plus training (NT01649)

This e-learning has been designed for staff with privileged access to systems, including School ICT Coordinators and Technology Support Officers. It should be completed in addition to the Cyber Security NSW Essentials training for all staff.

Enrolment and deliveryEnrol in MyPL (20 mins)

Required: On commencement

Timing: Annually

We offer a range of different online courses to keep your mandatory training up-to-date.