How Often Do Day Staff Require Fire Training?

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A sudden fire explosion can occur within a second and cause fatal damage. We hardly remain prepared for such a disaster in the workplace, whereas our little preparation beforehand can save our lives along with our colleagues’ lives. That is why fire training should be conducted in every workplace and the employees should actively participate.

Fire safety training ensures the health and safety of the employees. It is advisable to carry out the fire safety training annually to keep the staff in practice. This blog gives insight into the different aspects of fire safety training along with how often a day staff requires fire training. 

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Fire Safety

What is Fire Safety Training?

A Fire Safety Training course provides lessons about the causes and risks of fire, the preventive measures to eliminate or minimise the causes of fire hazards and the evacuation procedures in the event of a fire.

Are you looking for a fire training course for your staff?

Are you interested in providing fire training to your office staff? If yes, you can ask them to join the online Fire Training Course of Lead Academy. With this online course, they will be able to learn the fire safety measures from the comfort of their home.

Why Fire Safety Training at Work is Important?

Before jumping to the answer, let me introduce you to Rick Rescorla, who managed to save the lives of a number of employees during the 9/11 terrorist attack. According to alertmedia, “Rescorla safely led 2,700 Morgan Stanley employees out of the World Trade Center’s South Tower on Sept. 11, 2001.”

But how did Rescorla do so? Rick Rescorla was Morgan Stanley’s security chief who anticipated another attack on the Twin Towers after surviving the 1993 terrorist attack. He used to make Morgan Stanley employees practice orderly and swift emergency evacuation drills every three months. 

Fire Safety training holds immense importance as it can protect your staff and develop their risk management ability. Due to the training, your staff would be aware of the fire alarms and know about the quickest and safest exit of the building. This would minimise the life risks of the workers.

It is often a legal requirement for employers to ensure that regular fire drills are being carried out for health and safety reasons. The employers are also legally obligated to have an evacuation plan arranged, which must be shown to the new staff on the day of joining.

Who is responsible for Fire Safety at Work?

The following people would be responsible for fire safety at work.

If more than one person is responsible for fire safety, they have to work together to carry out the responsibilities.

What should be covered in a Fire Safety Training for Staff?

Fire Safety 1

It is necessary to train the office staff about the basic fire safety procedures to deal with any unwanted fire emergency. The staff attending the training session would know how to stay calm in case of fire and guide others to evacuate safely.

The fire safety training course should include the following topics:

1. Class A fire- solid materials such as wood, paper, rubber, plastic and cloth.

2. Class B fire- flammable or combustible liquids, such as petrol, oil and paint.

3. Class C fire- flammable gases, such as propane, butane and methane.

4. Class D fire- flammable metals, such as potassium, aluminium and titanium.

5. Class F fire- cooking oils and fats.

The staff should be educated about the fire extinguishing agents and also which agent is suitable for extinguishing a particular type of fire. The different fire extinguishing agents are:

 1. Water: Suitable for wood, fabric and paper.

2. Foam: Suitable for flammable liquids, wood and paper.

3. Powder: Suitable for flammable liquids, gas, electrical hazards, oil and chemicals.

4. CO2: Suitable for flammable liquids and electricals.

5. Wet chemical: Suitable for cooking fat and oils.

Fire Safety Awareness Training

Fire Safety Awareness Training

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Fire Safety 2

How often should Fire Safety Trainings be carried out?

It is recommended to carry out the Fire Safety Training after every 12 months. In certain industries like hotels, you might need to perform training at least twice a year due to the nature of the business.

Regular training might be required in certain situations and for certain members in the workplace. In an industry with a high risk of fire, the staff would require more regular training. Also, staff members who are assigned with particular responsibilities in the event of a fire, such as department heads, fire chiefs and carers, would require regular training.

In some cases, additional training should be provided to the staff. Additional training is required in occasions, such as-

How often do Day Staff require Fire Training?

A day staff should also be having training at least once a year, as mentioned above. It is not about how many sessions a staff member has per year; rather, it is about how well they understand the procedure.

How often do Night Staff require Fire Safety Training?

It is very important that night staff receive fire training since it would be a matter of high risk if a fire breaks out at night. 

Just like a day staff, those working in night shifts should receive fire safety training once a year. However, an employer should assess the safety knowledge of each individual and provide more training if required.

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What should you Avoid doing in the Event of a Fire at Work?

While trying to escape during a fire, you might be in shock and unable to decide what to do. There are plenty of to-dos that you can learn in a safety training course, but you should also remain aware of the things you shouldn’t be doing during a fire breakout. 

Have a look at the points below to know what you should avoid doing during a fire.


While some employees might not cooperate in undertaking fire safety training, as an employer, it is your responsibility to convince them and ensure that they are aware of the fire safety procedures. Remember, to reduce the risk and consequences of fire hazards at the workplace; there is no alternative to fire safety training. 

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