Functional Skills ICT Level 1, 2 Past Papers and Answers

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Struggling to prepare a PowerPoint presentation? Want to create a spreadsheet but don’t know how to do so? Simply enrol in Functional Skills ICT courses to develop the practical computer skills necessary for your work and everyday life.

If you want to have an idea of the Functional Skills ICT question pattern, you can have a look at the Functional Skills ICT Level 1,2 past papers and answers provided in this blog.

You would get to know about the Functional Skills ICT past papers including the answers, topics covered in Functional Skills ICT, and the assessment procedures that would help you to understand everything about the Functional Skills ICT curriculum and exam.

What is Functional Skills ICT?

Functional Skills ICT helps develop the practical skills needed for using technology in daily life, study and work and tests your problem-solving, research, and interpretation skills. 

Along with acquiring all the essential ICT knowledge, you can gain the nationally recognised qualification through Functional Skills ICT courses. There are three levels of Functional Skills ICT: Entry Level (1-3), Level 1 and Level 2.

What are the Topics covered in Functional Skills ICT?

Functional Skills ICT courses would enable you to be an expert in the use of information and telecommunication technologies. From email to Excel, you can learn all the ICT skills to ace in your academic and professional field.

Functional Skills ICT includes topics like-

Fundamentals of using a computer- Managing files, folders, passwords, security and how to deal with common IT issues.

Word processing – The different features of word processing software to create text-based documents, engaging documents using images, tables and other formatting features.

Spreadsheets- How to use spreadsheets to record information, how to complete calculations to analyse data and ways to present data using charts and graphs.

Presentation- Using software to create a slideshow with text and images, transitions and animations.

Database – Using database software to record larger amounts of data and complete detailed searches for specific information. 

Using the internet – Sending and receiving emails, sending attachments and organising your contacts in an address book along with how to use the internet effectively and safely.

Table of Contents

Functional Skills ICT Level 1 - Accredited Course

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Why should you take ICT Functional Skill Course?

Competence in Functional Skills ICT allows you to-

– identify the ICT requirements 
– use ICT systems to carry out tasks
– manage information storage
– use search techniques to locate relevant information
– demonstrate how to minimise the risk of computer viruses
– enter, develop and refine information using appropriate software
– use data handling software and communications software
– combine and present information that are fit for purpose and the audience
– evaluate the use and the selection of the ICT tools and facilities used

What is Functional Skills ICT Level 1 and 2 Equivalent to?

The Functional Skills ICT Level 1 is equivalent to a D or E grade at GCSE, meaning you can demonstrate your ability to understand and use everyday ICT at this level. When you progress to Level 2, you will reach the equivalent to a grade A* to C at GCSE meaning you have mastered everyday ICT. This course will guide you through all of the skills you need to prepare for the exams at both the levels.

Functional Skills ICT Level 1 and 2 Question Pattern

The Functional Skills ICT exam is 2 hours long and usually consists of two sections. Section A is for 30 minutes and Section B for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Section A: This allows you to use the internet to find and select information.

Section B: This requires you to work with numbers, create a digital product, use communication tools and organise work. When completing this section, you will not be allowed to use the internet.

Functional Skills ICT Assessment Structure

The following represents the assessment structure of Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills ICT.

Assessment Structure Entry Level 1

AssessmentOne externally assessed assessment
Assessment-taking timeMinimum 1 hour
Maximum 2 hours
The time can be spread over a number of sessions, provided centres retain assessment materials securely
Marks10 marks in total.
Assessment availabilityOn demand.
Pearson will provide three assessment papers (including assessment materials) each academic year, which tutors can access from our website at the start of each academic year.
Assessment preparationThe assessment paper will contain a context or purpose, which is adaptable to meet learners’ needs. The tutor may amend the context or purpose, to make it more appropriate to the learner, whilst maintaining the level of assessment. The tutor may amend the assessment materials to reflect the context or purpose. Questions may be rephrased to take account of learner needs.

Assessment Structure (Levels 1 and 2)

AssessmentOne external assessment.
Four assessment opportunities each year.
SectionsTwo sections in each assessment.
First section involves using the internet to find and select information.
Second section involves working with numbers, creating a digital product and using communication tools.
Assessment duration10 marks in total.
Marks50 marks in total
Additional informationInternet is allowed in one section.
Each assessment has a theme.

Functional Skills ICT Past Papers

This section includes the ICT Functional Skills past papers of the renowned exam bodies. Having a look at these would give you an overview of the Functional Skills ICT question pattern, answers and mark scheme.

Edexcel Functional Skills ICT Entry Level 1, 2 and 3

The following provides the Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills Entry level 1,2 and 3 question papers along with the answers. Have a look.

You might also be interested in Functional Skills ICT Entry level papers. The following provides the Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills Entry level 1,2 and 3 question papers along with the answers. Have a look.

AQA is another recognised awarding body that holds examinations in various subjects and offers vocational qualification. The PDF version of Functional Skills ICT Past Papers Level 1 and 2 has been provided which you can download from here.

Top Functional Skills Courses

Functional-skills-ICT-level 1-course-online-exam- included
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Hopefully, this blog could provide you with all the relevant information regarding Functional Skills ICT. The past papers would definitely be helpful for you to practice and prepare for the Functional Skills ICT test.

If you’re thinking of kickstarting your career in the field of ICT, you should opt for Functional Skills ICT Level 1 Qualification. This qualification would expand your job opportunity and develop your expertise in ICT.


What is The Pass Mark for Functional Skills ICT Level 1?

According to OCR, “Functional Skills ICT Level 1 assessments are designed to have a pass mark in the range of 40-42 marks.”

What is The Pass Mark for Functional Skills ICT Level 2?

According to OCR, “Level 2 assessments are designed to have a pass mark in the range of 47-49 marks.”

Am I Eligible for The Functional Skills ICT Course?

Anyone above the age of 16 is suitable for Functional Skills ICT courses.

How Long Does a Functional Skills ICT Course Take?

The time required to complete Functional Skills courses would depend on the time a learner allocates in studying. Usually, it does not take more than a few weeks to complete the Functional Skills ICT courses.

How Long Does Functional Skills ICT Qualification Last?

Functional Skills ICT qualification does not expire and is acceptable regardless of when the qualification was achieved.

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