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Teaching Phonics Course Online

Teaching Phonics Course Online


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This Teaching Phonics Training online is designed comprehensively for aspiring teachers or parents who want to help children read and write with the acquisition of letters. You will also learn how to adapt instruction for dyslexic and deaf children, utilising appropriate resources and strategies. Join today to obtain nationally accredited training and qualifications and showcase your level of expertise in teaching phonics.

This Course At a Glance

  • Accredited by CPD UK
  • Expert-created course module
  • Get trained by industry experts
  • Understand the importance of phonics in language learning
  • Explore consonants and vowels to learn phonics awareness activities
  • Learn how to integrate phonics skills into reading activities and spelling accuracy
  • Acquire strategies for decoding words with various vowel sounds
  • Recognise and differentiate between various consonant and vowel sounds
  • Identify signs of early reading difficulties
  • Get ideas about using cognitive approaches for dyslexic and deaf students

Teaching Phonics

Willing to help children with special needs develop reading and writing skills using phonics? Join our teaching phonics program to teach children how each word sounds different with phonics using an effective classroom management method.

You will also learn how to introduce consonants and vowels to children through phonemic activities in this Teaching Phonics Training course. With insightful modules, you will also learn how to recognise and memorise high-frequency words using phonics instruction and resources. It’s your opportunity to recognise individual learning styles and provide targeted support for students with special needs.

By enrolling in our Phonics Training for Teachers course, you will learn various approaches to teaching phonics, equipping pupils with skills that will help them to read and write confidently.

Teaching Phonics Course Details

CPD Certification Service
CPD certificates are accepted by thousands of professional bodies and government regulators here in the UK and around the world. Many organisations look for employees with CPD requirements, which means that by doing this course, you would be a potential candidate in your respective field.

Module 1. Introduction To Phonics

  • In this introductory module, you will learn the definition of phonics, as well as the importance of phonics in language learning. Here, you will further learn the connection between spoken and written language, understanding the different phonics approaches.

Module 2. Phonics Sounds And The Alphabet

  • In this module, you will acquire extensive knowledge of health and well-being at work. Therefore, you will also learn about workload management, risk registers, challenging unsafe practices, and other essential concepts.

Module 3. Phonics Teaching Strategies

  •  In this module, you will learn methods for teaching phonics with effective classroom management. You will further learn how to utilise technology for phonics practice.

Module 4. Implementing Phonics In Reading And Writing

  • In this module, you will understand how to integrate phonics skills into reading activities, as well as using phonics for spelling instruction. Furthermore, you will also learn how to use phonics skills to develop spelling accuracy and blending sounds to form sounds accurately.

Module 5. Assessment And Progress Tracking

  • In this module, you will gain the methods for assessing students’ phonics knowledge. Therefore, you will also learn about strategies for monitoring student progress to identify areas needing improvement.

Module 6. Teaching Initial Sounds

  • In this module, you will gain comprehension to focus on sounds represented by single letters at the beginning of words. You will also acquire techniques for smoothly blending sounds to improve blending skills.

Module 7. Teaching Vowel Sounds

  • In this module, you will explore different vowel sounds, including strategies for decoding words with various vowel sounds. Here, you will further learn how to recognise and differentiate.

Module 8. Teaching Consonant Sounds

  • In this module, you will comprehend how to identify and differentiate between consonant sounds and blend consonant sounds with vowels. You will also learn how to segment words to identify individual sounds.

Module 9. Dealing With Common Phonics Difficulties

  • In this module, you will acquire knowledge of identifying common challenges students face with phonics and the signs of early reading difficulties. You will also learn how to differentiate instruction for students struggling with phonics using resources and support.

Module 10. Sight Words

  • In this module, you will also learn how to recognise and memorise high-frequency words. You will also learn how to integrate sight words with phonics instruction.

Module 11. Involving Parents And Carers

  • In this module, you will learn the connection between spoken language And phonics development. You will also learn the importance of phonological awareness for phonics development and activities to develop listening and sound manipulation skills.

Module 12. Speaking And Phonological Awareness

Module 13. Meeting Individual Needs

  • In this module, you will learn how to recognise individual learning styles and adapt instruction accordingly. Here, you will also learn how to differentiate instruction for diverse learners, providing targeted support for students with special needs.

Module 14. Cognitive Approaches To Dyslexia

  • In this module, you will understand Dyslexia and Its Impact on phonics learning. Therefore, you will further learn teaching strategies for students with Dyslexia.

Module 15. Phonics For Deaf Children

  • In this module, you will learn how to adapt phonics instruction for deaf children and utilise appropriate resources and strategies.

Module 16. Teaching Higher Level Phonics

  • In this module, you will learn the advanced phonics concepts for more developed readers and strategies for continued phonics development.

This Teaching Phonics in Early Years course is suitable for teachers, nursery staff, teaching assistants who want to obtain CPD hours and enhance their teaching phonics abilities, or individuals who want to pursue a career in early years education and help disabled children to read and write using phonics.

  • There are no academic entry requirements for this Teaching Phonics in Early Years course, and it is open to students of all academic backgrounds.
  • However, you are required to have a laptop/desktop/tablet or smartphone and a good internet connection.

On the assessment round, you will participate in the MCQ test to examine your learning from this course. After completing the Teaching Phonics Training course modules, learners must answer MCQs to complete the assessment procedure.

  • The MCQ test measures how much a learner can grasp from each section.
  • In the assessment test, you must get 60% as a pass mark.

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Certificate of Achievement from Lead Academy

CPD Certificate
After successfully passing the MCQ exam of this Teaching Phonics Training course, you can order your certificate of achievement as proof of your new skill. The certificate of achievement is an official credential that confirms that you successfully finished a course with Lead Academy. The certificate can be obtained in PDF version for £12, and there is an additional fee to receive a printed copy certificate, which is £35.

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To successfully implement phonics, it is essential to use a systematic approach that explicitly teaches students a comprehensive set of letter-sound relationships through an organised sequence. It is crucial to train staff to ensure they have the necessary linguistic knowledge and understanding.

Children must learn letter-sound relationships because English relies on letters to represent sounds. Phonics is essential for teaching children how to read by imparting this crucial information. They must understand the sounds each letter makes and how altering the order of letters can change a word's meaning.

Teach the letter-sound relationship clearly and in detail, starting with the beginning sound and the letter of your kids' names. Show your child's name written out, for instance, by placing it at their seat at the dinner table.

Our Phonics Training for Teachers program aims to provide you with diverse experience, including highly sought-after skills and strategies. This course will help you acknowledge your potential and develop professionally with comprehensive and expert-led guidance. Upon completion of this course, you will acquire a CPD UK-accredited certificate, which will showcase your expertise and highlight your skills as a professional phonics teacher.

The Teaching Phonics Training course is typically delivered online through our Lead Academy's learning platform, where you can access all the course materials and assignments at your own pace.

This Teaching Phonics in Early Years course is accredited by CPD UK, which employers and professional organisations across the globe recognise. Upon completing this course, the chances of getting a job will increase with such qualifications as it will serve an additional merit to your profile.

Yes, you will get the course materials while doing the course. The instructor will send the materials as necessary as the lecture videos. However, you must pay a minimal amount for the course materials.

For a CPD-accredited PDF certificate, it will take 24 hours; however, for the hardcopy CPD certificate takes 5-7 business days.

Surely! You can access any Lead Academy course from anywhere in the world at any time.

There's no need to worry if you didn't pass the exam or didn't get the required score. You can always retake the exam with better preparation.

You can browse our website to discover all the available options and find the perfect one for your career advancement. However, if you want to advance your career as a teaching assistant as well, we recommend you join our Teaching Assistant Online Training Course with the necessary skills along with a recognised certificate.

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