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Certified Copywriter

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Certified Copywriter
  • Self-Paced Online Learning
  • Course Duration: 18 Hours
  • Course Duration:
  • High-Quality Study Materials
  • CPD Approved Member
  • Recommended by 95% of Students
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  • 266 Students Enrolled




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Whether you are self-taught and you want to fill in the gaps for better efficiency and productivity, this Certified Copywriter Course will set you up with a solid foundation to become a confident copywriter and develop more advanced skills.

This comprehensive Copywriting course is the perfect way to kickstart your career in the field of copywriting. This course will give you a competitive advantage in your career, making you stand out from all other applicants and employees.

As one of the leading course providers and most renowned e-learning specialists online, we’re dedicated to giving you the best educational experience possible. This course is crafted by industry expert, to enable you to learn quickly and efficiently, and at your own pace and convenience.

How Will I Benefit?

  • Boost your career in copywriting
  • Deepen your knowledge and skills in your chosen field just in hours not years!
  • Study a course that is easy to follow.
  • Save money and time by studying at your convenient time
  • Have access to a tutor whenever you are in need

So, what are you thinking about! Start getting the benefits by enrolling today!

Why Choose Lead Academy:

  • Lifetime Access
  • High-quality e-learning study materials 
  • Learn the most in-demand skills
  • Self-paced, no fixed schedules
  • 24/7 customer support through email
  • Available to students anywhere in the world
  • No hidden fee
  • Study in a user-friendly, advanced online learning platform

Who is this course for?

This comprehensive Copywriting course is suitable for anyone looking to improve their job prospects or aspiring to accelerate their career in this sector and want to gain in-depth knowledge of copywriting.

Entry Requirement

  • There are no academic entry requirements for this Copywriting course, and it is open to students of all academic backgrounds. 
  • As long as you are aged seventeen or over and have a basic grasp of English, numeracy and ICT, you will be eligible to enrol.


On successful completion of the Copywriting course, you will be eligible to order your certificate of achievement as proof of your new skill. The certificate of achievement is an official credential that confirms that you successfully finished a course with Lead Academy. You/your employer can verify your certificate through our website. Certificate can be obtained in PDF version at a cost of £12, and there is an additional fee to obtain a printed copy certificate which is £35.

Career path

This Copywriting course opens a brand new door for you to enter the relevant job market and also provides you with the chance to accumulate in-depth knowledge at the side of needed skills to become flourishing in no time. You will also be able to add your new skills to your CV, enhance your career and become more competitive in your chosen industry.


Course Curriculum

Copywriting for Beginners
About Copywriting
Copywriting Defined: Part 1 00:03:00
Copywriting Defined: Part 2 00:03:00
Types of Copywriting 00:03:00
Specialized Copywriting 00:05:00
Your Two Audiences for Copywriting 00:02:00
Start With a Creative Brief
What kinds of promotional writing are not copywriting? 00:03:00
To Write great copy, you must answer seven question 00:05:00
Q 1. What are you selling? 00:06:00
Q 2. Where are you selling? 00:04:00
Q 3. Who are you selling to? 00:05:00
Q 5. Who is your competition? 00:06:00
Q 6. What is the most important things to say? 00:04:00
Q 7. What do you want your prospect to do? 00:03:00
How to research a product or service so that you write great copy 00:05:00
Study your prospect more than your product 00:02:00
Copywriting - Headlines & Openers
Your Headline Must do Only Two Things 00:05:00
How to Brainstorm Headline Ideas 00:05:00
Headline Writing Tips 1, 2, 3 00:02:00
Headline Writing Tips 4, 5, 6 00:02:00
Headline Writing Tips 7, 8, 9 00:03:00
Boost Email Open Rates with a Colon in Your Subject Line 00:03:00
Write Good Negative Headlines 00:03:00
Think Like a Search Engine to Write Better Headlines 00:05:00
Google Text Ad Headline Writing Do’s and Dont’s 00:07:00
How to Write a Google Text Ad Headline 00:09:00
Opening Lines
Keep them Hooked with a Great First Line 00:02:00
Open with a Provocative Question 00:03:00
Start with a Story 00:04:00
Start with a Zinger 00:02:00
Start with an Arresting Fact 00:02:00
Start at the Beginning 00:02:00
Copywriting - Write Persuasive Copy
Write to Persuade
Give your sales pitch a proven structure 00:05:00
Write with features and benefits 00:05:00
Overcome objections 00:04:00
Be Specific 00:03:00
Differentiate 00:02:00
Think Visually 00:06:00
Overcome doubts with testimonials 00:03:00
Get your testimonials right 00:03:00
Give your buyer a deadline 00:01:00
Offer a guarantee that hurts 00:03:00
Follow these five tips for better body copy 00:02:00
Make Offers They Can't Refuse
Why your Copy Needs an Offer 00:03:00
Make two offers 00:02:00
Use these six proven free offers 00:04:00
Use one of these 10 B2B information offers 00:04:00
If in doubt, discount 00:03:00
Improve your offers with this checklist 00:03:00
Keep Your Readers Hooked
Keep Them Hooked 00:03:00
Make your copy more personal 00:02:00
Give your sales pitch with subheads 00:01:00
Keep your readers hooked with great captions 00:03:00
Improve your readability 00:03:00
Copywriting Secrets
Introduction and background to the Campaign
Great copy requires great insights. 00:08:00
Secret 1: Write a weak headline if your visual is strong 00:05:00
Secret 2: Sync your headline and your visual 00:05:00
Secret 4: Make your headline a zinger if your visual is lame 00:06:00
Secret 5: If in doubt, ask a question 00:05:00
Secret 6: Start telling a story 00:04:00
Secret 7: Tie your headline to current events 00:05:00
Secret 8: Aim for the “hunh?” factor 00:04:00
Secret 9: Make them smile 00:04:00
Secret 10: Use headlines for features, images for benefits 00:05:00
Secret 11: Comparing yourself? Better be clever 00:04:00
Secret 12: Find headlines in your body copy 00:06:00
Opening Lines
Secret 13: Deliver on the premise of your headline 00:05:00
Secret 14: If in doubt, ask a question 00:04:00
Secret 15: Start with irony 00:04:00
Strategic Body Copy
Secret 16: Stick to one idea per ad 00:06:00
Secret 17: Follow a simple script 00:07:00
Secret 18: Give multiple benefits for each feature 00:04:00
Secret 19: Back all claims with proof 00:03:00
Secret 20: Borrow credibility 00:04:00
How to Write Memorable Copy
Secret 21: Keep your reader reading 00:05:00
Secret 22: Build trust with specifics 00:07:00
Secret 23: Write quirky testimonials 00:08:00
Secret 24: Use parallel structure 00:04:00
Secret 25: Spin your strongest feature into a theme 00:03:00
Secret 26: Use original clichés 00:04:00
Secret 27: Write in pictures 00:04:00
Your Ending, and some Final Thoughts
Secret 28: Come full circle at the end 00:06:00
Secret 29: Give your buyer something to think about 00:05:00
Secret 30: Write like a pro (a few words on style) 00:05:00
Online Copywriting - Write a Profitable Landing Page
Write a Landing Page for a Lead Magnet
Four ingredients of a successful landing page 00:11:00
Start with your potential customer 00:08:00
Package your lead magnet properly 00:08:00
Answer three questions before you start writing 00:06:00
Write powerful headlines and subheads 00:06:00
Be specific 00:07:00
Be unique 00:06:00
Give them pain. Or pleasure. 00:07:00
Craft a compelling call to action 00:08:00
Take these four steps before you go live 00:05:00
Online Copywriting - Write Persuasive Product Pages
Online Copywriting Introduction
GET FOUND: Start Selling on page one pf google 00:10:00
HELP YOUR BUYER: Boost sales with better navigation 00:09:00
NAME IT AND THEY WILL COME: Product page title tags 00:09:00
DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Write description tags that attract buyers 00:08:00
GIVE YOUR BUYERS A MAP: Page URLS and navigation 00:11:00
IMAGE THIS: Use images and captions that capture interest 00:08:00
OFFERS: Make an offer they can’t refuse 00:08:00
UPSELL: Increase profit while helping your buyers 00:09:00
SHORT IS SWEET: Write short product descriptions that convert 00:09:00
GO LONG: Write long product descriptions that wow 00:08:00
Copywriting Gigs - White Paper Writing
Promo Video 00:04:00
Introduction to Marketing White Papers 00:12:00
Anatomy of a white paper 00:12:00
Pick Your Topic 00:08:00
Research your topic 00:09:00
Outline your white paper 00:12:00
Give your white paper a strong title 00:07:00
Write a Compelling Introduction 00:09:00
Give your white paper context 00:08:00
Describe your solution 00:06:00
End with a call to action 00:11:00
Final Thoughts
Write like a designer 00:09:00
Five mistakes to avoid 00:08:00
Copywriting Gigs - B2B Emails
Introduction to B2B Emails
Promo Video 00:04:00
Introduction to B2B Emails 00:08:00
Anatomy of a B2B Emails 00:07:00
Cold Email
Cold email formula 00:08:00
Anatomy of a cold email #1 00:09:00
Anatomy of a cold email #2 00:09:00
Warm Email Sequences
Cold email mistakes to avoid 00:08:00
Email sequences explained 00:09:00
Anatomy of a warm email sequence 00:17:00
Use a colon in your subject line 00:04:00
Sound like grandma in your B2B emails 00:04:00
Drip Email Marketing
Drip email marketing converts long-term prospects 00:04:00
Drip email marketing reaches ignored prospects 00:03:00
Drip email marketing prevents customer defections 00:06:00
Copywriting Blunders - Common Mistakes
10 Copywriting Blunders to Avoid
Blunder 1: Slow getting to the point 00:05:00
Blunder 2: No single-minded proposition 00:03:00
Blunder 3: No logical flow 00:03:00
Blunder 4: Redundancies 00:05:00
Blunder 5: Generalities 00:06:00
Blunder 6: Features only 00:06:00
Blunder 7: Navel gazing 00:03:00
Blunder 8: Claims without proof 00:07:00
Blunder 9: No offer 00:03:00
Blunder 10: No call to action 00:02:00
Freelance Copywriter
Day 1 : Build Your Portfolio
Get hired even though you have zero experience 00:07:00
How to build your portfolio 00:05:00
Day 2: Brand Yourself
Name your company 00:06:00
Build your website 00:09:00
Brand your email 00:04:00
Day 3 : Choose Your Ideal Client
Decide which type of client you want to write for 00:05:00
Look for three things in a perfect client 00:04:00
Day 4 : Polish Your Pitch
Craft an elevator pitch that grabs attention 00:06:00
Craft a longer pitch that wins you business 00:04:00
Day 5 : Fish Where the Fish Are
Look for clients in three proven places 00:06:00
Pitch clients the right way 00:06:00
Day 6: Get it In Writing
Craft a letter of agreement, part 1 00:07:00
Craft a letter of agreement, part 2 00:07:00
Day 7 : Start Your Project Professionally
Take these steps to appear professional from day one 00:10:00
Get paid 00:05:00
Bonus Lecture
Take these Steps to Guarantee Your Long-Term Success 00:09:00
Business Writing Course
Promo Video 00:04:00
Lesson 1: Avoid the Bureaucratic Style 00:11:00
Lesson 2: Seven qualities of good business writing 00:10:00
Lesson 3: Adopt the “you-centered” business style 00:10:00
Lesson 4: Watch your tone 00:10:00
Lesson 5: Four types of sentences 00:05:00
Organize your Thoughts
Lesson 1: How to plan a writing project 00:06:00
Lesson 2: Start with your reader 00:10:00
Lesson 3: Know your goal 00:07:00
Lesson 4: Write your outline 00:13:00
Lesson 5: Structure your message 00:11:00
Lesson 6: Choose the right style 00:08:00
Lesson 7: Consider your tone and persona 00:09:00
Write Your Draft
Lesson 1: Get to the point 00:10:00
Lesson 2: Write simple sentences 00:07:00
Lesson 3: Write with paragraphs 00:07:00
Lesson 4: Use simple words 00:09:00
Lesson 5: Use strong verbs 00:08:00
Lesson 6: Keep related words together 00:07:00
Lesson 7: Be specific rather than general 00:09:00
Lesson 8: Be concrete rather than abstract 00:09:00
Lesson 9: Be definite rather than ambiguous 00:12:00
Lesson 10: Use the active voice 00:08:00
Edit Your Draft
Lesson 1: Omit needless words 00:08:00
Lesson 2: Use parallel structure 00:03:00
Lesson 3: Avoid common grammatical mistakes 00:08:00
Lesson 4: Avoid common mistakes when crafting sentences 00:09:00
Lesson 5: Avoid mistakes with commas and apostrophes 00:06:00
Lesson 6: Six categories of words to eliminate 00:07:00
Lesson 7: Editing checklist 00:07:00
Order Your Certificate Now
Order Your Certificate Now 00:00:00
Get Your Insurance Now
Get Your Insurance Now 00:00:00
Feedback 00:00:00


Certified Copywriter
  • Self-Paced Online Learning
  • Course Duration: 18 Hours
  • Course Duration:
  • High-Quality Study Materials
  • CPD Approved Member
  • Recommended by 95% of Students
  • Instant Access 24/7
  • 266 Students Enrolled




14 Days Money Back Guarantee

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