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Who in Sign Language – Video and Image Included

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From asking someone’s name to asking who’s at the door, the word ‘who’ plays a vital role. Now, say your friend is part of the deaf community, and in your conversation, they are talking about someone, but unfortunately, you do not know how to say “who” in sign language.

This small guide is designed to help you teach how to sign ‘who’ in British Sign Language (BSL), just like our previous guides.

Recognise why is British Sign Language important, in this blog!

Who in Sign Language

In the video attached below, the man shows how to sign ‘who’ in BSL. Although BSL involves the use of both hands, however, this word does not require that. Therefore, you can use either one of your hands but preferably your dominant hand.

Just watching the video won’t be enough; try to follow the hand gestures from the above video. To make things easier for you, read the instructions below. Start by sitting in a normal posture.

A man shows how to sign “who” in British Sign Language

1. Bring out your index finger facing upwards.

2. Slightly pout your lips as if you are about to whistle to mouth the word who.

BSL tutor with index finger of right hand on his face

Bring your index finger closer to your mouth.

Move it away slightly, then back again towards the mouth.

See how easy it was? Now you practice it a few more times, then go back to watch the video again.


Hopefully, with our guide on how to ask “who” in sign language, you will be able to communicate with your friend or any deaf person comfortably. A piece of advice, always say the word along with signing and definitely be aware of your facial expressions.

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