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Risk Assessment


What is the Purpose of a Risk Assessment

It is the responsibility of every employer to conduct a risk assessment in the workplace on a regular basis to protect employees from any harm or injury. The risk assessment process involves identifying, documenting and eliminating or reducing hazards in a work environment. Know in detail the purpose of a risk assessment and its importance […]


What is a Dynamic Risk Assessment? [Complete Guide]

Risk assessment is an integral part of our life. But it’s especially vital in places where you’re responsible for the safety of multiple people. A dynamic risk assessment (DRA) is the process of continually observing and analysing risks and hazards in real-time in a changing or high-risk environment. This is done while completing a task, […]


How Many Steps are There to a Risk Assessment?

We often watch the news or read in the newspaper about employees getting injured at work or their health being compromised in the workplace. But why do the workers have to suffer? Are these some unfortunate events or does all this happen due to the lack of awareness by the employers? If you are looking […]