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Swim in Sign Language – Video & Image Included

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Swimming is a lifetime hobby that gives your whole body wonderful exercise regardless of the weather.

Today we will take a look to find out how to say ‘swim’ in sign language.

There are lots of different kinds of sign language in use around the world, and most of them differ from one another just like spoken languages do. You may believe that all sign languages are basically the same, but this is not true.

Similar to spoken languages, sign languages vary greatly from one specific region to another.

With that said, today we will only discuss BSL or British Sign Language.

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So let’s begin.

Swim in Sign Language

Click on the video link below. Don’t worry about the speed of the video. We’ll explain it in detail to you.

Now follow the steps below.

BSL interpreter at a steady posture

1. Start with a normal posture.

BSL interpreter with his hand raised near his cheast

2. Raise both of your hands.

3. Place your hands together, as shown in the picture above.

BSL interpreter signing swim

4. Now, move your hands apart, as in the picture above, to make it look like you are swimming.

5. Say the word “swim” while you are signing.


So that’s how we say “swim” in sign language. Sign language is an excellent communication skill to have. It’s similar to learning a new language, but it’s a way for people who have hearing loss to gain the necessary communication skills. Sign language is used not only by the deaf; it is a terrific option to have in your communication arsenal if you have any kind of hearing loss and works wonders in situations where it is too loud to hear clearly.

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