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Sad in sign language – Video & Image Included


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How do you say Sad in sign language? It’s a common vocabulary that you’re sure to come across early in your sign language journey; doesn’t matter which language you’re learning.

You probably have bumped here searching for “What is the sign for sad BSL?” and that’s exactly what we’re going to tell you today. We’ll learn how to say Sad in sign language BSL or British Sign Language.

Sad in British Sign Language is a bit different from Sad in sign language ASL or American Sign Language. But, in our case, we’ll only deal with BSL today.

Sad in Sign Language

We should preface our discussion with a few facts.

The first one is that you can be a member of the deaf community and still hear quite well. Sign languages are not limited to deaf individuals.

The second is that BSL signs are usually two-handed, unlike ASL signs. To say Sad in American Sign Language you only need to use one hand. However, there are few vocabularies in BSL like the word Sad where you’ll use a one-handed sign.

When mastering BSL, you will come across the terms “dominant hand” and “non-dominant hand.” If you are right-handed, that’s your dominant hand. Your non-dominant hand is your left. We also refer to it as the base hand.

To know the difference between ASL and BSL, check out this blog.

Now, please watch the video we have linked below.

Please follow the steps we’ll discuss shortly.

Short haired woman instructor in a room with a blue background, standing still

1. Start with a normal posture.

Short haired woman instructor in a room with a blue background, has her right hand raised like a line near her face

2. Lift your dominant hand up to the front of your face.

3. Keep all your fingers straight like in the picture above and point them straight up.

4. Do you know what adds more emotion to sad language? Signs of sadness in body language and your facial expression. Your sentences will have added impact if you can transfer the emotional roller coaster you’re going through.

Short haired woman instructor in a room with a blue background, has her right hand placed near the chin

5. Now, swipe your hand a bit down. See the video again for reference.

6. Sometimes, people stop talking while signing. Don’t do it. Say the word ‘sad’ out loud while doing the sign.


So, that’s how we say Sad in sign language. Maintain a consistent practice schedule. After all, it is language learning. We’re not very adept with language since it tends to be erased from our memory very frequently if we don’t maintain practicing. Lastly, we usually advise people to keep a lovely smile on their faces when signing. However, depending on the scenario, you may want to keep a sad face for our instance here.

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